Fifty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Today would've been Mom and Dad's 55th wedding anniversary if they had lived. They were married on September 25, 1965. Dad was only seventeen (almost eighteen) at the time. Mom was also only seventeen.

They were both so young that they both needed a parent's permission. Mom's older sister thought she could sign for Mom to get married, but she learned that only a parent or guardian could do it.

Papaw Greene (Mom's Dad) was having his supper when he was asked to sign. Papaw Greene said "Let me finish eating my hot dog and I'll sign".

My brother and his wife are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today. They got married on Mom and Dad's 45th anniversary, but it was a coincidence. They didn't do it on purpose. When Rick and Vernie asked the preacher to marry them, he said "The earliest that I can marry you two is on September the 25th".

Sadly, Mom and Dad have passed away. They both died in 2013, just four months apart. Mom was 64 when she died in March and Dad was 65 when he died in July. May both of them Rest in Peace.


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