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Walking into the Mystery
by Nikhil Sharda Bookmark and Share

Writing a book is never an easy task but when you finally complete writing your first book that feeling is really awesome and can never be explained. I have also experienced that same feeling about my book which I am gonna share with you.

"My beginning as an Author"

My book name is Walking into the Mystery. I started writing my book 4 to 5 months back and I literally was not knowing what to write at that time but one thing that I was knowing is that I have to write. One thing I should tell you before starting this all is that I am not bad in English/Grammar. So for me it was not a difficult task to write in english as the only problem I was facing was to get some ideas on how to start writing a book. Finally, it took me almost 10 days to collect information about how to start writing your first book and how to get it publish afterwords.

Believe me publishing a book is tougher than actually writing a book but right now we should only talk about writing your first book. So after 10 days of gathering information on a lot of things about writing your first book, publishing process(including finding publishers), government works for copyrights and all, I finally decided to take the first step and begin writing my book. One thing I should tell is that I was having the idea on which I have to write my book so basically for me my one work was already done because finding a good concept is really a tough task.

I always wished to write a book but never took the first step. This time I was having my concept or idea on which I have to write a book. Then I started writing my book and believe me I can really not describe the hard work and skills writing a book take. Those who had written any book only knows the struggle behind this. Finally I started converting my ideas and concept into words and completed writing the introduction part. I always preferred a good environment while writing that's why whenever I use to write I always use to sit in my big balcony and then use to continue writing the book. Finally this kept on running for a 4 to 5 months until I completed my book. That feeling, Ugh! I can't describe it. After completing the book, I step ahead for the government paperworks first before publishing the book as it enables to official hold the authorship of my book.

A lot of people forget to do the government work like copyright and all after writing a book so you should always do this before publishing your work or giving your work to anyone else whom you personally don't know. I completed all the paperworks and then moved to the final step that was publishing. I was having two options with me at this point, either to self publish or to find a traditional publisher. I know self publishing is a good option but is not the best option for me because I personally believe that nobody cares self publishers because they don't have any connection to a known publisher and therefore it leads to non-selling of book because it's very difficult for a self published author to do marketing, selling, advertisement and all of the works by himself and that's why I choosed traditional publishing.

I wanna tell you that I am really good in Computer Science and know almost every aspects of it but still I didn't choose self publishing as it is something in which I was not going to get respect. Finally, I sent mails with a sample of my book. I almost send my book sample along with synopsis chapter wise to more than 11 publishers. I then waited for more than 2 months but still I didn't get any reply from any of those. Yes I know it takes a lot of time in traditional publishing but once you get your book published via traditional publishing then your life and your book is all set and everything will be handled by the publisher for free. I waited for 2 months but didn't receive any mail. I entirely had lost my hope then suddenly one day a mail came from 1 publisher asking me continue with my book. I got super happy to see that mail. But one the next day I again got a mail from another publisher who also wanted to continue with my work. Now at this time, I got confused which one to use as now there were two publishers for me. I decided to go with the first because of several reasons. I then submitted all the details and content of my book to that publisher. That day was one of the best day of my life.

This was my story of getting my first book publish and believe me I completed this entire in very short otherwise my story is more complicated and full of ups and down.

Now my book is currently available all over the Globe in almost every country. If you want to read my book then I am giving a Universal store link where you can read my book. Walking into the Mystery

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