Forced Marriages and Spontaneous Love

Three Hindi serials I have been watching during these days made me write this post. These are my personal views.

The reason I have chosen these are all are based on ‘marriage’ which indeed is a special and serious topic for Indian folk. In two fairly new stories, the heroes and the heroines are forced into marriage; one by threat and rowdyism and another due to circumstances. In my view, both are not acceptable; but, that is a different issue. The third and popular one about which I have already written in this section on ‘Anupamaa’ which is at the pinnacle of popularity chart.

The new ones ‘Imlie’ and ‘Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’, the respective heroes enter matrimony one by ‘threat and force’ and the other by ‘gratitude and compassion’. Journalist Aditya has to undergo the sanctimonious ritual with a village brat Imlie, half of his age, with rifles and sickles aimed at him. In the other an IPS officer Virat marries the daughter of his mentor and senior police officer who sacrifices his life in the process of saving the young officer’s life. Both these girls have entered into the families of the heroes. Please do remember that the two girls are actually shown as those interested in getting educated further. So to move the character to the city seems to be ‘only through some sort of irrational marriage!’

A man or woman gets married for what? Companionship, Security, Family, Children, Social Status or for the indispensable human instinct ‘Sex’? Ahem, for all.  Nevertheless, in India we have added a pompous holy angle to it and force the man or woman to be with each other irrespective of differences.

The way these two stories are being developed, one could guess that the ‘forced marriages’ are going to endure; you know the usual symbolic shots and acts to indicate this. I understand the Hindi serials are basically built on the concept of ‘forced’ marriages blossoming into ‘spontaneous’ love. The theme is so recurring and I remember watching a couple of stories earlier and left them in the middle! Big yawn!  One such show is ‘Yeh Hain Chahaten’.

The villages shown are supposedly one in Bihar and another in Maharashtra; does ‘India’s heart lies in such villages? OMG!’; so primitive and lawless STILL, yet marriages are considered ‘divine’!

However, the news channels and newspapers in India are rife with dreadful stories of Indian men and women indulging in divorces, cuckolding, cheating, murder and even in either abandoning or killing their own children.

Among these melee, no wonder the concept of ‘Anupamaa’ stands out because she is one who considers her husband’s clandestine infidelity as a crime and prefers to leave him.

To be honest, I am amazed by the ‘inclusiveness’ of the Indian Society and population and well, the recurring asinine ideas of the script writers.


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