Dangerous Signs of Entitlement Syndrome

among the Present Generation

If someone says that the present day social media, news items and entertainment channels reflect the minds of the population especially the new generation, I feel really shocked by them to say the least.

True. One needs to be practical in life to a great extent and has to be materialistic in the new ambiance of the world and life. However, when it crosses the limits, and show the absolute selfishness and mercenary attitudes, it is nothing but despicable mark of ‘Entitlement Syndrome’. For those who aren’t familiar with the terms but only heard the effects here it is.

Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can: Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration. Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it.

First let me see the news items. If someone cannot go for a particular field of study, fails in the exams or no financial background to meet the needs, the youngsters prefer to commit suicide. Does it really solve their problem? Yes. In a way, the incident provides politicians to gain political mileage. Same case with love affairs also. Love failure? Unrequited love? remedy: suicide, acid attack, murder or rape.

In the popular serial ‘Anupamaa’ which also shows how the two young sons even without completing proper education or in a job to support themselves fall in love and one got married to his lady love without the permission of the parents. He is the son of a man who expects a savvy woman for pleasure and a dumb wife for labor. Pray, marriage is that important even before one is yet to establish himself? The teenage daughter without caring her mother and goes with her father to celebrate her birthday and openly snubs her mother by talking about the expensive gifts she has received from father and his girl friend. I, in a way, agree with these scenes, because I see them in reality also. The parents of today pamper their children beyond their means in the name of ‘love and affection’ and ‘motivation’.

In yet another one ‘Imlie’ where the hero is forced to marry a village teenage girl and bring her home. Though the truth is not known, the girl being ‘innocent’ and ‘naïve’ creates as much havoc to a bunch absolutely idiotic, senseless but ‘good natured’ family members and the hero. It is also shown that this idiot girl who says that he hates ‘marriage’ secretly pines for the attention of the hero and his educated, rich fiancée.

Even in reasonably watchable serial ‘Ghum Hai Kisise Pyaar Mein’ the innocent girl who completed school education and married to a police officer due to compelling circumstances never tries to be silent or modest to his family. Standing by ‘truth’ is one thing but indifferent and impertinent to the elders is another. Again, the exhibition of Entitlement Syndrome.

We read how individuals hoard cash, jewels and valuables, because it is not only greed but because of the selfishness, sense of entitlement. Half of the newspaper items and contents of the news channels are about robbery, illicit relationships, murder, smuggling, drug abuse and suicides.

I don’t know about other countries and never lived there. But, at the drop of a hat India never fails to claim its great legacy of family, culture, sanctity of marriage, tolerance, sacrifice, faith in God and well, the list may go endless.

Yes. I agree there are bright spots. But, I am really sorry to say that those bright spots are diminishing day by day and are negligible compared to the publicity of the darker sides.


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