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Spirituality is nothing but an example set by a living master to be followed by the seeker with love, devotion and dedication. To understand it completely an unconditional surrender in the will of the master and unfading faith is a must: to follow the teachings of Sant mat. It is a way of life led with limitations and restrictions of having vegetarian food, no liquors or any drug, self earned money for daily living by honest and fair means and lastly to follow the path of meditation, which includes the channels that when followed lead to the sourceful destination.

All the creativity thrives in the circumference of gravity. The magnetic forces do work naturally against each other and for each other. Similarly the seeker and the master develop a relation based on faith, love and devotion. It is always a naturally known fact-the weak surrenders to the strong and the wrong is always submissive to the right. Similarly a seeker feeling weak (spiritually) and always not very perfect, tends to be devotionally seeking strength and justice from the spiritual father, that is the living master. When one needs the warmth and sunshine, he exposes or opens himself to the sun and in return the sun overlaps him with all luminosity of warmth and care.

It is the need of something, that you don’t have in you, or even if you have you don’t know how to explore the same. It is then that one needs a guide who can unlock the doors that open to the island that is within each and every one of us. The seeker on the path is well aware of the importance of the mission of life, that is God realization through self realization.

To start the journey within the body, the seeker has to have a clear focus of his daily karmic activities, his duty towards his family and society at large; and most important of all- his duty towards himself. This is his main goal to be achieved only and only while living. The span of life is a challenge for him to achieve the goal, where trials come his way, tumbling take chances. But with faith he regains the strength and always looks forward for guidance from the master. At some points the seeker also may have to compulsorily compromise with life after crossing many milestones to live in the will of his master.

This compromise in life, becomes a foundation stone for the rest of his life, where for every step forward he looks up to his master for guidance and wisdom for the upliftments of the pitfalls that obstruct his way of practice that leads one to the source. But daily practice makes a true disciple to practice; tune on with truth in meditation ‘the essence of life’.


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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