Acharya Charak (600 BCE)

Acharya Charak has been crowned as the Father of Medicine. His work the Charak Samhita is an encyclopedia of Ayurveda. His principles, diagnoses, and cures retain their potency and truth even after a couple of millennia.

When anatomy was confused with various theories in Europe Acharya Charak through his work revealed the facts of human anatomy, embryology, blood circulation and diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis and heart disease.

In the Charak Samhita he has described the medicinal qualities and functions of 100,000 herbal plants. In addition he has described the influence of diet and activity on the mind and body, and has also detailed the relation of spirituality and physical health which contributes greatly to the diagnosis and cure of disease. He has also drawn out an ethical charter for the medical practitioner two centuries before the Hippocratic Oath.

Through his genius and intuition Acharya Charak has made a landmark contribution to Ayurveda. Thus, his name would ever remain etched in the annals of history of Ayurveda as an established science.


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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