Earth Day

Each year, April 22 is celebrated as "Earth Day" throughout the United States as well as around the world. The celebration reminds us to protect the Mother Earth in every possible ways. Here are some tips that we all can follow in this effort.
The Celebration today is on For a Brighter Tomorrow

For the past few weeks, you may have been hearing about an event “Earth Day 2000” that is going to be celebrated throughout the world. The event started on April 22, 1970 in the United States and an estimated 20 million Americans gathered together to participate in a spectacular celebration.

Since April 22, 1970, Earth Day has become an annual celebration of environmental protection and it's impact on the world’s habitats. Today, we face the challenges of safeguarding the beauty of our natural world for our present generation as well as for the future. Human habitats and habitation are constantly threatening the ecological balance of the mother earth. Earth Day gives us an opportunity to observe our environment and encourages us to protect it in a most sensible way.

Plans for the Earth Day event started in 1969, when then-Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a nationwide “teach-in” on issues concerning the protection of our environment. Senator Nelson promoted his idea through governing bodies, newspapers and various publications. He also delivered an impressive speech in Seattle in September 1969 that eventually woke up the whole United States and revealed the importance of prevention of air and water pollution in a wide variety of ways.

Since 1970, Earth Day celebrations have taken place each year across the nation. In 1995, the 25th anniversary of the first Earth Day was celebrated with pomp and grandeur. An estimated three hundred million people in 4000 communities in the U.S. and in more than 150 countries on each of the seven continents participated in Earth Day events last year.

The celebration of Earth Day does not have to be on April 22nd of each year; in stead, it could be on every day. If we use our common sense and pay a little more attention to our daily activities, the chances of preserving our planet earth would be much more than you ever can dream about. The following paragraphs offer helpful hints about what you can do for a greener, purer and friendlier world.

Motivation through Education
  • Sponsor essay, poster and photography contest

  • Conduct "teach-in" local schools and colleges

  • Participate in town meetings to encourage public about recycling, carpooling and discuss issues that affect the environment.

Pollution Prevention

  • Create public awareness about proper handling of household chemicals, engine/lawn mower oils, pesticide containers etc.

  • Encourage the recycling habits and eliminate unnecessary packaging/storing of rarely used materials

Celebration via Recreation 

  • Organize environmental exhibits, picnics, beach clean ups

  • Encourage planting of trees and ensure they survive through the years.

Conservation of Natural Resources

  • Save water by turning off the faucets when not in use. Clean and wash vegetables in a large bowl of water instead of washing under the running faucet.

  • Take showers instead of baths and run the dishwashers with a full load.

  • Collect rain water for watering the plants and shrubs.

  • Use organic fertilizers instead of inorganic chemicals to provide nutrients to the soil.

  • Protect the beneficial insects (such as ladybugs, bees, spiders etc.) around the gardens.

  • Leave the grass clippings, leaves etc. on the ground because they make excellent mulches and provide nutrition to the soil.

  • Promote the protection of endangered, threatened species and wildlife across the country and around the world.

Besides these, there are so many other simple tips that we all can follow on a day to day basis. But due to space limitations, the ‘discussion’ has been very limited in this article.

Always remember, ‘Nature’ is our most trusted friend around us. Ruthless destruction of the nature via unplanned construction activities, pollution and overexploitation of resources will continue to affect our future generations. So in conclusion, let us take a vow on this 26th Earth Day to protect our mother earth from the perils of human negligence and carry out the tasks of “Earth-Friendly” activities along with our daily “rituals”. The sooner we activate our protective thoughts, the better would be the chances of a “pollution free” planet earth for today and a brighter tomorrow!


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