Soul, Religion and Politics

C. Jung (1933) defined that soul is ‘a substance that has independent existence.’ Shree Shree Rama Krishna preaches for purification of this soul because human beings would be sacrifice for humankind. He teaches that soul is real and only real in this world and materials are unreal and destroyable. It never facilitates humankind. Shree Shree Rama Krishna guides us in His Saying how to nourish this soul. It was His whole’s life achievement. Sacrifice, immersion of self-love/greed, non-violence, love to others irrespective of race, caste, etc. are the prime goals of human life. These are also the human values in every society. Materials greed and attraction to wealth as well as wealth making is central points of violence and division. He preaches for religious harmony through combination of religious faiths in different forms and different names. Every religious faith tells and prays for the Single in different ways. His guidance is forever for a better world. He reminds us about Indian civilization and its culture. His religious preaching is scientific. He directs us to remove dogmas from our religious faith. He warms about religious extremism. And His disciples like Swami Vivekananda try to establish and spread it throughout the globe. Voluntary simplicity is the way to purify us for the betterment of our society. Vanity and 'I' would harm our society. ‘I’ is the cause of violence and division.

But unfortunately, we deny it in our daily lives. We only lecture mournfully and finger towards other. But we never follow it ourselves because we are greedy.

From the very beginning phase of India's independence, this country is a victim of religious division due to power politics and selfishness of our political leaders. This pain of religious division is now very much prominent because of these political leaders. India is a secular country. At least the constitution of Indian assures its secularity. It is the sole feature of unity in diversity. People of different religious faith bare and support with each other for living together with harmony and observe their own faith without any conflict. Swami Vivekananda in his historical speech in Chicago shared it to the world.

In this secular country, religious groups have no problem to live together with their own faith. But peaceful living is the problem for the political leaders for their own greed. They deliberately raise this religious division for the vote. Like men are doing feminism, while women are not so much concerned about it. Once men dominated women, and they made different rules to restrict the movement and participation of women. Religious conflict and division are inculcated in our society. The people of different faiths are ill-motivated and provoked for this. This has become the prime issue of division and violence.

Then why are the people are in religious conflict and disharmony?  It is due to politics. Self-respect teaches to respect other. Respect to others’ religion teaches to respect others' faith. But we forget it in reality. We make own religion as absolute and separate from others. The religious tolerance, respect and love are insignificant today. We forget the preaching of Shree Shree Rama Krishna that we drink water in the different name- jal, panic or water. Our purpose of drinking is the same. 

People of different religious faith in India hardly meet any crisis expects too much interference of politics. The political parties are creating a religious thrust because of their vested interest of power and authority or to make assurance in the captive vote bank. Here Hindu majority cries for Muslim minority while they do not have any faith on their own religion. Of course, they have full of confidence that it is a trump card in Indian democracy. Eventually, many times they are the cause of conflict and violence. General mass is the victim when they are ignorant, and they are the materials of bad propaganda. If we can really purify our soul, it would be a force of united living.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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