The New Normal in Pandemic

The world witnessed sometime in December 2019 how China’s popular city of Wuhan got engulfed by the deadly coronavirus. No sooner did it spread to other parts of the world, countries like Spain, France UK, US and then India got encapsulated in the clutches of the deadly coronavirus. These countries came to a grinding halt because of unprecedented lockdowns.

Covid 19 has brought about a major change in the life and lifestyle of people which is known to be called the new normal. God willing when we see the post covid times; the new normal shall still persist – it is here to stay. Wearing of masks, frequently sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing has become the new norm. Wearing of masks in public places and whenever you step out has been made mandatory in India and failing to do so the person is liable for fine. Usage of technology and tech-driven tasks are the need of the hour. For instance Gyms have closed during the pandemic and online workouts are gaining popularity. These sessions can be conducted while you are in your home, park or anywhere safe. Instead of sweating out in the gyms, walking, running and yoga is preferred and advisable.

The education sector has also undergone a hauling. Schools, colleges and universities have been unprecedentedly closed for several months. In Haryana’s Rewari, Jhajjhar and Jind districts large number of students got infected just after reopening of schools after lockdown. So much so that the schools had to be closed again. Also thrust now is on online imparting of education. The student teacher inter personal communication has been replaced by teaching through internet. We don’t know till when it is safe for these to function full fledged like before.

Working in both Public and private sector has been affected. A reducing of office going workforce to some percentage has been witnessed in the Public sector whereas the work from home set up has been placed in most private sectors. The owners or companies are finding work from home quite cost effective with no or less expenditure on logistics; electricity, office rent in some cases and other expenses, employees working from home is found out to be more economical. Again technology is the key here.

The Food & Beverages industry is too seeing a shift from less dining-in customers to more delivery demands where customers are opting for home deliveries through direct or app based options. In the Beauty & Grooming industry too salon visit is replaced by home visits from apps like Urban Company. A fall in the demand of lip make-up and rise in the demand of eye make-up is also seen due to the wearing of masks.

As a result of this the physical, emotional and psychological or mental health of people has been affected. Those habitual of going to gym are now avoiding the same and are losing out on their fitness. On top of it the trend of home delivery of food is making people eat more with less activity leading to weight gain. On the other hand emotional disconnect is increasing due to social distancing. Social life of people has come to a standstill. Expressions of affection like hugging, kissing and even shaking or holding hands is now avoided. Lack of personal interaction is making people emotionally drained and jaded.

Due to the Standard operating Procedure of quarantining oneself loneliness has seeped in. Mental health and psychological well being of people has gone for a toss. Studies have found that due to social isolation in these trying times and couples are spending more than healthy time required with each other and are indulging in fights and quarrels which have led to increase in divorce rates worldwide. Cases of domestic violence have also increased as per another study. All this is because of the seclusion caused by the pandemic which has taken a toll on the psychological and mental well being.

Its imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living in the new normal. Inculcating habits like reading, writing, gardening etc can be useful in these times. One can stay connected with friends through phone and social media; although excessive use of both too can be counterproductive. Those with a spiritual bent can indulge in online sessions of spirituality. Meditation is also a good way to de-stress. Becoming tech savvy is required now as more and more sectors and services are getting online driven and internet dependent. Maintaining a balance is the way forward. Only then one can live in the new normal and enjoy good health and well being too.


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