Tale of the Urban Family

An urban family has been turned into a micro-nuclear family. This family consists of parent(s) and a child. It’s structure, process and functions are ideologically different from traditional family. Usually in this family both of the parents are employed (mostly) in private sectors. They are busy whole day to meet the target of their respective employers. In exchange for their labour, they buy/access their daily needs of a transmodern urban life and their status in their so-call neighborhood where an individual and his/her family is being assessed according to their life style and consumption of life choice. In this family, many times father is employed outside their home city. He has a routine visit to his family. Mother takes care of the child and family in second shift after her working time. Mother argues to lead a fast life. Their only child grows under care of domestic help. The child has to grow with lack of parental care and affection.

Their family network is weak. It suffers from poor relational representation. A family tree is sometime determined by maternal side. But attachment to them is rare and occasional. The parental side relationship is absent or thin. Such an urban family does not take help from their family tied up (weak) of either side. It is a prestigious matter because it is just head down to others. Rather, the family relation, this family builds a new relationship with shopping mall and so forth in the city to enjoy their leisure.

Parents’ responsibilities are limited within the realm of materials world. A child passes time in a crèche/day care centre/play school/schools according to his/her age. At home a child is in deep relation with the virtual world of video game, Smartphone and so forth. Emotional support is lacking to a child because his/her domestic help does not meet it. She could meet only physical needs of a child. The child grows up almoner with emotional emptiness. Gradually he/she turns into a world of loneliness, aggression, cruelty and so forth. From early age one child is experienced of sexual pleasure and relation and intoxication and others. He/she practices to stay separate from parents and family. Parents-child relation is based on give and take policy and it is demanding in nature. A child learns to blackmail his/her parents. Parents have to face different unexpected evils in daily life.

A child (in many cases) is good in academic performance. From his/her school age, he/she searches for a separate space where he/she can live alone according to his/her personal will. His/her bonding with parents is weaker and purposeful. After school-days, he/she leaves their parents. He/she usually settles him outside his/her parents place. When parents become older, they have to live alone or they take shelter at old age home.

So, urbanity and urban culture are only limited to money making, enjoyment in life and status oriented. It stands our society into an edge of social and family crisis. Is it good impact of urbanization and modernization? How our family integrity and family peace would rejuvenate should be a new slogan to our society. If family breaks, society would go to the danger.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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