Women in Indian Patriarchal (Hindu) Society

Indian society is dominated by the Hindu majority and it is a patriarchal society. Patriarchy is deeply rooted in this society in respect of all parameters of the society. Women are dominated by patriarchy and victims of gender discrimination even in this 21st century. In Hindu society, women are considered as ‘prakriti’ (nature) and ‘shakti’ (energy). But they are not at all respected as appropriate human beings. The Government of India is campaigning the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Parao’ and ‘Kanyasree’ (a prakalpa of West Bengal government) has recognized internationally for the protection of women from discrimination.

But the National Crime Records Bureau published a report (2019) on Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India. The extract of this report says that 50.9% of the total suicides reported from Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. And ‘housewives accounted for 54.1% of the total female victims (22,937, out of 42, 391.’ ‘The portion of female victims was more in marriage related issues, specifically in dowry related issues and impotency/infertility. More specifically and, significantly, these records showed that about 53 females (below 18 years of age) died due to non-settlement of marriage; while it was 647 for 18-30 years age group and 299 females were within the age group of 30- below 45 years. Further, it was also reported that 23 females (below 18 years), 1343 females of 18-30 years and 455 females of 30- below 45 years were the victims of dowry related issues. On the other hand, it has recorded that seven females of below 18 years age, 74 females of 18-30 years of age and 86 females of 30-below 45 years age group were victims of impotency/infertility. They had to suicide for their stigma of barren.

This report reminds all of us that the girls’ marriage before attainment of 18 years is till continued in India society. The Dowry Prohibition Act, and the Domestic Violence Act, and so forth is unable to protect them women from torture and ultimately to save the women from immature death. It is evident that the rate of literacy, social and political awareness, etc. among women of different ages and different social, economic and cultural groups have been spread throughout the nation. But its effectiveness is very much unfortunate due to the patriarchal domination and discrimination. The movement and awareness of social justice and equity are varying from the ground reality. The country is losing its strength for the future. The Democratic politics and its leaders are very sensitive to the political politics. For these women are paying the worst.

But we should remember, “without women, there is no society. Women have to proclaim this message loud and clear and demand a justice that fits their identity instead to some temporary rights befitting justice for men. To achieve this goal, women must learn how they relate both to gender and to kinship. Sexual difference represents one of the great hopes for the future.”

Any woman who is seeking equality (with whom? With what? ) needs to give this problem serious consideration. Our society should respect that woman is always a mother. They bring many things into the world apart from children: love, desire, language, art, social things, political things, religious things, but this kind of creativity has been forbidden to the women for centuries. They must take back this maternal creative dimension that is their birthright as women.

‘The theoretical or practical fact of defining women as parts of a whole (one female + one female + one female ………..) is a way of not recognizing their gender, their individuality with universal vocation, Women correspond to the universal singular. In themselves, they unite the most singular to the most universal. Their identity consists in the systematic no-split of nature and spirit, in the touching together of these two universals. The woman is whole and universal, universal if whole.”


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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