Nature's Full Circle

2020 has been a not so good year not only for India but for the world. With covid19 taking over several lives worldwide the past year had been a bane for all. Not just the common people but many famous people succumbed to this deadly disease. Now with the advent of 2021, hopes are pinned that this year turns out to be better than the last. However if one goes by Michel de Nostradamus, French physician, pharmacist and philosopher widely known for his book Les Propheties containing predictions written in form of verses known as quatrains; this year could be more disastrous than the previous one.

He has said in his book;

“After great trouble for humanity a greater one is prepared,
The Great Mover renews the ages,
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.”

He has predicted a great famine in 2021 wherein UN has also warned of a catastrophic famine this year. “fire seen, a ling spark running” the philosopher prophesizes of an asteroid hitting the earth about which NASA has also stated that asteroids shall hit the earth in few years.

He further says;

“The sloping park, great calamity,
Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;
Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading.”

A massive earthquake is being foretold in this quatrain perhaps in the West. He has also warned of a World War III.

In India there have been a number of natural calamities due to climate change. Cyclone Amphan in Bengal, Nisarga in Maharashtra, Nivar in Andhra Pradesh to name a few. There have been frequent earthquakes in Delhi NCR region of mild intensity. It is being said by experts that this is an indication of having a massive one in the area in times to come. The most recent being the Uttrakhand glacier bursting and the subsequent floods in the region.

Nature has given to man, mankind and the human race in plenty. It is also a fact that what we give to nature, the nature gives back to us. Ever since the advent of Industrial Revolution man has been involved in several developmental activities. Today in the 21st century man has reached the space and has in effect tampered a great deal with the nature and the natural world. Areas which were green belts have been converted into concrete jungles. In hilly areas mountains are being shredded to build buildings, hotels etc to attract tourists. Tunnels are being build by cut-and-cover method or explosions to ease traffic routes. Consequently these areas see many landslides, earthquakes and other calamities. Trees are being cut down in large numbers which leads to flooding.

The recent bursting of glacier and the subsequent flash floods in Uttrakhand is being attributed to the heat being produced by a radioactive device that was lost in 1965 during a secret expedition to Nanda Devi. In order to do surveillance on China, the Inteligence Bureau (IB) in collaboration with America’s Central Investigative Agency (CIA) conducted the expedition. They installed a radioactive device to do the surveillance. However, the team conducting the expedition had to return immediately due to inclement weather leaving the device behind. A year later the team again went there to get the device but they could not find it. It is not found till today. The device has a life span of over 100 years and is said to be still installed somewhere in the mountains.

Due to the rise in number of industries and factories, their chemical waste is polluting the atmosphere. Every year number of vehicles on road increases and the fume arising from them is adding to pollution. These chemical waste and fumes is only adding to the global warming each year. Climate change is another area of concern.

Governments and international organizations must come together to strategize to counter the problem of global warming and climate change. Conservation, restoration and management of land, air, water and other natural resources like trees must be done by organizations and individuals. Increase in the usage of wind-based and solar power equipments, using organic products can help in decreasing global warming. Also individually we can contribute to preserving nature and the natural world. Pooling of vehicle to drive down to workplace or using public transport often are ways to decrease pollution. Growing a tree, maintaining plants in our surroundings can help rebuilding nature. Otherwise as it is that nature gives what it gets making it a full circle. Over development without caring for ecological balance can only make mankind face the nature’s wrath in coming time.


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