People in Indian Democracy

- Trained Elephants in Circus

Indian democracy is glorified to the globe because of its size and nature of acts. Voting rights of people for elected government is undoubtedly praiseworthy in this largest democracy. Although, people’s monitoring of government would adjudge only in next poll. So, how are the other elements of democratic rights and so called mouthful declaration?

Situation of people in Indian democracy reminds the following story.

“In the traditional Jewish cycle of sacred text, this is the season in which we read about how our greatest biblical leader, Moses, grows increasingly frustrated over the Israelites unwillingness to hear his exhortations to freedom. So inevitably I think about the famous story of how they train baby elephants in the circus. They take them when they are still small and tie a strong rope around their necks and attach the rope to a secure pole. The baby elephants naturally try to walk away and are stopped by the rope. They pull and push and twist and turn and eventually figure out that they just aren’t strong enough to break free of their shackles, so they stop resisting and just stay where they are.

The next time they tie up the baby elephants they try to break away once again, pulling on the rope to see if they can go free. When they figure out that once again it is futile, they stop pulling and settle down and stay where they are.

The same thing happens over and over until eventually, when the rope is put over their heads, they no longer pull and push and try to break free because they know it is futile. That is why in captivity you can walk by a circus and see giant elephants standing passively with a rope tied around their necks that isn’t attached to anything at all.

The elephant becomes so accustomed to being held back by the rope, that merely the rope itself keeps the animal in check. If only they knew how powerful they really are. If only they realized that by the time they have grown up, even a rope “secured” to a pole can no longer contain them. Then they would know what true freedom is. But they don’t”.

In Indian democracy, democratic people are as like as elephants in circus. That’s why, a very negligible number rule the great majority with less education and of poor qualities. This very little number represents different political parties with different manifest. This very negligible portion has taken it as a platform of business and self-betterment. All of them use to say that they would do the best for democracy and its voters. But they are in avarice for power, authority and wealth making. After 71 years of independence, more than half of the population is in different crises and their democratic rights are violated every day and every moment.

The leaders/elected rulers and oppositions usually introduce policy and programme for their populism aiming to secure their further chance in next poll.

Voters realize it very much. But they have not effort to go against it because they are experienced directly or indirectly with bad consequences. Therefore, they are more or less silent and their behavior is as like as the elephants of the story. They transform themselves into democratic slaves.

In this democracy, people evidently turn their opinion from one to another political party either for fulfillment of personal interests (of gaining some advantages) or because of fear of red eyes of the leaders. But one bad rule shifts to another worse. This poison is deeply rooted in our democracy. No one is able to clean this poison.

When they will break their knot, it is also a big question. No one knows because mass awakening is almost impossible. A culture of self-centredness is very prominent in every sphere of the personal and public domain. Everybody thinks for his/her own existence, comfort and happiness. Further, there are several crises raising ugly heads from bad to worse and worse to worst.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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