Womens Liberty and Other Side of Feminism

In our patriarch, women are considered as male’s property and their act is restricted within the realm of reproduction and domestic affairs. It was the causal effect of origin of marriage institution and property right to male. Thus, F. Angels (1948) commented when women would be involved in large scale social production they would be free from male domination. This patriarchal system made women for their very own purpose of fulfillment of social and biological/sexual needs. The lack of women education and gender discrimination or wrong gender practice yielded a backward society.

However, after long struggle with the initiative of Indian social reformists, the women education has been promoted, and women/girls are getting sincere attention as assets to their parents rather than a liability. In the era of globalization, women are now successfully participating in education and their meaningful employment helps to make decision in their individual life as well as in their family life. The participation in workforce has been proved their efficiency and efficacy. 

But unfortunately, the gender violence and discrimination are rampant and every day, the women/girls are facing sexual harassment and torture in India. They do not get relief even in the International Women’s Day. Why is so much violence against women?

A study conducted on the women of different ages of Kolkata Metropolis of Eastern India. Through random sampling, 100 women of different ages were selected purposively. The findings revealed that out of these women, 92% women was involved in gender competition in their daily lives dress, intake of alcohol, smoking stick and freedom to loiter till late night and so forth. They argued when it was not a question to a male, why they would be questioned? They were using their body as sex commodity as erotic capital for compensates their high level of consumption/avarice. For this purpose, they used to alter their male friends frequently, and a percentage of them were involved in sex industry. They felt that the money and fulfillment of their greed was their prime target to adjust with the changing scenario. They hated the male. But they would not live without a male. They used to imitate the false copy of western culture of women’s freedom. The study also showed that they were entering into male gazing profession of glamour world which is encircled with media in different forms. For this purpose, they used to abuse by the particular person, and sexual violence was at alarming stage. Gradually, they were losing their family tied, and they suffered in parental conflict and spousal relation was in threat. 

However, the equity and justice might not be established through competition with male in daily chores and behavioural habits. It may be a wrong teaching of feminism. They should be educated enough rightly to protect from self-torture and decay.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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