Government Dependent Democracy of India

People's democracy of India has been politically transformed into a dependent democracy. The most salient feature of India's democracy is to make people dependent on the government(s) as well as dependent on the particular political party(ies) in the rule. Here democratic government means the government of the particular political party(ies) in the rule. The ruling political party(ies) always fights against the opposition and puts it's all efforts variously to turn the voters as supporters by means of offering some benefits - cash or kind or creating a culture of fear, boycott or otherwise. It undertakes the populist policies/programmes/schemes accordingly, which are sometimes shown as only the promises. The selection of beneficiaries is less democratic while it is prominently colour-based of the political party(ies) in the rule.

Since independence of India, the government has been offering alms to the most vulnerable and deprived, which are not anyway for facilitating their equity and justice, but it is for making the dependent.  Less effort has been taken to make them Self-reliant rather than dependent on the political party in the ruling. Therefore, basic sufferings of the larger section have been increasing day by day. Gradually, it has been promoted to emerge an opportunist class which  desperately takes advantage of it while this class has no need of alms. This class becomes the larger claim mates of government(s) policies, and the actual needy is not getting effective support to break their vicious cycle.

At present BJP led government of India is dreaming of an 'Atmanirvar Bharat' where some declarations of programmes, vocabularies and publicity are the inputs. Every policy is being targeted to make corporate wealthier. Unfortunately, corporate and elite already holds the maximum wealth of the country. No employment, anti-farmers policies, privatization of the public sectors/ public sector undertakings, etc. are signified to increase the vulnerability of the majority. Lives and livelihood are in deeper crisis than ever. How would  only some relief measures make the "Atmanirvar Bharat"? The overall situation is reversed to make the majority "Bharat Sarkar Nirvar" or “Sarkar Nirvar” or “Political party Nirvar”. Is it not an easy policy to make them political slaves?

All the programmes/policy are nothing but a face masks to renew the political strength and action in this democracy. Their publicity has made even serious to the beggars who are also quarreling with each other which is better than which. Here government always tries to establish some historical landmarks during the rule of the particular political parties. For this reason, the leaders never consider it as bad expense of the public revenues when the majority stays in hunger, ill-health and serious unemployment. Major actions offer good fortune to the leaders. It is not for better future of the sufferings for few decades.

When the majority would revolt demanding their actual rights to establish the people’s democratic government in a real sense, it is the foremost asking for all.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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