Beneficiaries of Indian Democracy

Political parties of Indian democracy treat primarily voters as their beneficiaries. They are intended to serve the countrymen through showering of some benefits by which they could live anyhow for voting in the future. So, the contents of each and every election are obviously full of promises (though majority of promises is false or illusory) to bring attention of the voters. It is for winning of voters’ mind to win in the poll battle. Manifestos of different political parties project what benefits would be provided if voted to form the government. It is the most unfortunate part of Indian democracy because who make the king they have to be satisfied with some provisionary reliefs for peaceful living in people's democracy. It becomes a regular fact. The voters do ever leave their hope so that they patiently wait for the next poll.  This culture is in a vicious cycle from the 1st election to the latest one.

Why are political parties and their leaders so much interested to serve the people or their fellow countrymen? Is it a selfless and voluntary job? Are they really cried for the suffering of their fellow countrymen? Or it is just a tactic to rule the people like as foreigners.

May it not be apparently so? The leaders of different political parties are attracted to win a lucrative job with huge incentives where qualification, characters and others are not so considerable factor, while they have other some unhidden qualities.  Therefore, in spite of numerous convicted charges/criminal offenses and other inappropriate acts, a significant portion of the leaders is playing the game, and they demand that they are eager to serve the countrymen.  It is evident that in Indian democracy, leaders enjoy huge benefits for their so-called democratic service. Even one time elected member could enjoy life long benefits. Public image and public supports are always enriching them every day. That's why they are so angry and hungry for a membership to enter into the different houses. It raises their personal wealth. In similar terms, we see that personal wealth of Mr. Modi has been increased 52% within 5 years. Is it an evident to service to the nation voluntarily and selflessly?

Therefore, it might be considered that political leaders are the prime beneficiaries of Indian democracy. They enjoy more benefits than the voters who voted them. That’s why, the leaders are involved in various provocations and violence. They do not like to miss it in any circumstance.  These beneficiaries beg to other beneficiaries (voters) who are really needy, and they have to live without basic needs. They have to live in an environment of injustice and inequality. Voters are true liberals and broad hearted because they never deprive the leaders from their kindness. They are always looking for another because they have no alternative. That’s why, they every time believe on their fate, and they make responsible to the omnipresent GOD. They think that GOD is the only one to change their fate. And they never forget to bless the leaders in spite of exploitation and rampant deprivation.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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