Rights of the Infants and the Aged

There is necessity for national commission for the infants and the aged.

This era is an era of rights. And all most all individuals harp on their rights but none talks or care about their responsibilities.

In the world, especially in India, there had been a strong family structure backed by affectionate bonds and responsibilities. All most none talked about individual rights. Family welfare and wellbeing as a whole is the focus and all family members supported it by discharging their assigned duties.

But 20th century has revolutionized the human thinking, particularly traditional Indian thinking, culture and family structure has received a tremendous jolt and all intellectuals of isms type heaped onslaughts in these traditional practices. 

The gender roles were severely scrutinized, criticized, and it was decided that these traditional practices are highly biased towards men. Male chauvinism is blamed for the "pitiable and unequal, undignified and slavish" status of women and remedies have been initiated.

But who recommended and implemented these reforms are intellectuals who don't know much sociology and human emotional needs and rights.

They merely stressed the rights of the women, as if they alone are suppressed gender and human beings suffering.

The intellectuals very unfortunately forgot the needs of infants and the aged. The home is nurturing place for them. Without home infants and the aged can't survive. This truth never dawned on the intellectuals and reformers and harpers of gender-specific exploitation.

They just mention engage baby sitters and join the old in the homes for the aged.

Is it always possible and what about responsibility of biological mothers about the careful and affectionate upbringing of offspring to which they have given birth? And the aged who also need affection in addition to food, medicines, clothing and roof.

This aspect is the need of the infants and the aged who are also human beings and have rights for affectionate care and not to be merely put at the mercy of baby sitters and organizers of homes for the aged.

This, the demand for their rights is as serious as the rights of the women and in infants and the aged we have female and male and all genders are without care and are suffering.

A national committee should be formed to discuss this matter and a national commission; in the lines of national commission for the women; for the infants, and the aged. These two categories transcend all communities, castes, regions, religions, ideologies, sub-nationalities, gender discriminations. The national commission must be started to look into the problems and needs of the infants and the aged. We have to remember that they are also human beings and they are suffering.

Ours is a constitution that takes care of all Indians without discriminating based on any division and infants and the aged can't be discriminated because of their age and age is also to be taken note and care of.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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