Dress Debate

‘People like to dress in their own way.’ It is very true fact. But in Indian society, specially women’s dress is an issue of debate where a section of so-called orthodox/stereotype male population criticize and they think the changing pattern of modern body revealing dress is the cause of physical and sexual torture, harassment or molestation and rape. They argue it is due to the provocative female dress code. 

In fact, one’s look, body shape, comfortability and management of dress regardless of gender are the factors of selection/choice of dress. Now advertisement and entertainment media influence to turn one’s choice from traditional to the modern update irrespective of gender. The reel life hero/heroine becomes one’s idol. So, there is a common trend of imitation in everyday life. In addition to this, marketism promotes consumerism. Now sexual thrust/hunger has become an issue of greed. Sexual satisfaction/sexual fulfillment are replaced by secondary motive to primary desire. Sex becomes the driving force of an individual. Sex is a drive which is under control of one. But now it controls one. The control mechanism is vague to one’s mentality because spiritualism does not work in present day society.

Therefore, the dress of either male or female is a sex drive through which one can fulfill his/her sexual desire- feeling and satisfaction. It makes a female sexy and she can attract opposite. Rephrase, he looks like handsome and he attracts opposite. It is his/her secondary risk free sexual satisfaction. It might be better than direct(oral/vaginal) sexual satisfaction. Indirectly, it works as a good feel factor.

‘Women’s happiness determines a happy family, which is part of what ensures a particularly peaceful family life. This includes the procreation of future links and their nourishment towards a prosperous and progressive world because women are combination of nature and energy.’ Beauty culture, therapy and so forth for rejuvenation of sexual health are not new because it is modern form of both western and eastern culture of Tantra & Tao. It is proved that female energy, creativity and connectivity depend on female sexuality. The proper nourishment and care as well as protection of women’s sexual desire would be hidden secret of sustaining humanity.

So, the debate on women’s dress should be stopped from this orthodox/religious point of view. 


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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