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Political Scenario in Tamil Nadu
by G Swaminathan Bookmark and Share

The election in Tamil Nadu, this time, had assumed importance because of certain unexpected events. It is true that the two Dravidian giants who had been controlling the Tamil folk for long are not in the scenario. Apart from M Karunanidhi‘s son Stalin the other players are novices, in a way, absolutely. E Palanisamy who had been selected by VK Sasikala, the confidante of Jayalalithaa, before going to take her sentemce for corruption. EPS as he is referred to with OPS (yet another confidante of VK Sasikala) had been in power for the past 4 years after Jayalalithaa’d demise. TTV Dinakaran, yet another relative as well as confidante of VK Sasikala tried his best to bring down the ministry of EPS and OPS using his power with the other party members. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that for strange reasons and none seemed to believe him. DMK chief MK Stalin also was crying hoarse about the misdeeds of EPS ministry, its incompetence and also challenging for the past four years to bring down the ministry. Unfortunately, neither Dinakaran nor Stalin could do anything to unseat EPS or destabilize the government. The ministry had completed its full term of five years and facing the elections.

There were wild rumors and expectations by the media political pundits that when VK Sasikala came out after her sentence, scenario would change. But, nothing happened. Sasikala simply announced that she wanted to be away from politics at least for some time.

The media as usual was debating on the so called ‘vacuum’ created by the death of those Dravidian giants. They directly and indirectly promoted two film industry giants to enter politics and ‘serve’ the Tamil Nadu population. Indeed, a great idea! Everyone was expecting Super Star Rajinikant to enter first because he was the one making oblique references and veiled threats to the ruling government that on ‘one day’ he would arrive and cleanse the politics. Later, he openly started declaring that he was planning to follow ‘Aanmika Arasiyal’ (Spiritual Politics) which is nothing but an oxymoron. However, he found great support from the most popular Tamil Nadu political analyst Cho Ramaswamy and later by his follower Auditor Gurumurthy. Cho even arranged a couple of meetings of Rajinikant with Prime Minster Narendra Modi on two occasions when the latter visited Chennai. So everyone jumped on the bandwagon to praise and promote ‘Super Star’ to ‘Super CM’ for the culturally superior Tamil Nadu. But, as days passed on and the elections started coming closer, Super Star was expected to come with his new political party with clearly spelt out principles and programs to elevate Tamil Nadu and its population through his Spiritual Politics. He made even categorical statements like ‘if not now, when can I come and serve the public,’ and ‘I am ready to face death for the sake of Tamil Nadu and its people’. Very strong and promising words, indeed. Anyways, the Super Star had a shooting schedule before he had to come and announce the party and other details etc.; the movie is made by the DMK party baron Kalanidhi Maran of Sun TV. During the shooting schedule, the Super Star had suddenly developed sickness and his BP seemed to have gone up. He was hospitalized for a few days and discharged with the advice from the doctors it is better for him to avoid politics which demand a lot of physical and mental stress and strain which the SS cannot withstand with his transplanted kidney, age and health and above all the omnipresent pandemic Covid19. So the SS came and left the scenario of politics with an apology letter sent to the press and media. Yet, there was a hope that he might ‘give his voice’ for the right party to win. Rajinikant’s fans and the media felt a bit disappointed but they never cornered him for his volte-face. They wished him well. Over.

TTV Dinakarn, the nephew of VK Sasikala was not ready to lie low; Sasikala betrayed him, so what? He had entered the arena with  lots of hope, courage and promises to unseat EPS and OPS and bring the ‘real AIADMK’ to rule the state. So he made parleys with several small parties and was talking tall as usual. The media also give him coverage apart from his own Jaya TV for his claims and promises. So he is also in the fray with his Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK). Well, he had now with him the DMDK (Desiya Murpoku Dravida Kazhagam), started and flopped by Vijaykant another Tamil hero of yore. Now Vijaykant is almost invalid, yet his wife, brother-in-law and son are active to contest for power in TN. 

The last one is actor Kamalhassan. I am really at a loss to know the reason for his entry into politics; because to the best of my knowledge in his early or hay days, he had never spoken any politics. It all started with his strong tiff with Jayalalithaa during ‘Virumandi’ and then during the release of his production ‘Viswaroopam’. To be exact, his animosity towards the ruling party for not conceding to his requests during ‘Virumandi’ took a ‘Viswaroopam’ with the film with that title. Then for a while he turned silent. He was watching his costar making his intention of entering into politics actively but vaguely also. So when he had plunged into politics very seriously with his ‘Makkal Neethi Mayyam’ it was more a surprise to me at least. I know he projects himself to be an ‘intellectual’ all along and to some extent it is true also. Hassan is someone who is definitely an above average and intelligent film actor. He is conversant with many subjects from music, film making, literature and general knowledge. Yet, his entry and his strong animosity specially towards BJP raise lots of doubts. His floating of MNM and its promotional activities, his propaganda methods with abstruse ways of communication and his tireless travel to all the places of Tamil Nadu and also his personal meetings with the political leaders like Pinaroy Vijayan, Avind Kejariwal and his constant jibes at BJP principles, leaders and action clearly prove one thing to me. His prime enemy is BJP and Narendra Modi.

It is his way of showing his dissatisfaction with the BJP high command for neglecting a person like him who is better than his other over publicized contemporary star who, in fact, is nothing but a big zero. Sadly, Kamalhassan’s forte is not politics; it is movies. But, he chose to prove that if he wants he can excel in this also better than his contemporary. After all, Kamalhassan is no ‘Mahan’ to forgive someone who was not ready to acknowledge his presence and intelligence. But, he had failed to understand that his anger and actions are just waste of time and energy. He can never become a successful politician or the CM of Tamil Nadu by any stretch of imagination. He is no comparison to either Jayalalithaa or MGR whose major involvement and development with politics and public were historical.

To be honest, and realistic, the exact fight in Tamil Nadu now is between the DMK without MK and AIADMK without J. The two national parties Congress and BJP just piggy ride on the above two local parties.

It looks and according to psephologists, DMK seems to stand a better chance as the state always chose the alternate now and then. There may be a tough fight. Once come to power, DMK undoubtedly promote the family of MK only and see the dynastic rule continues. The people of TN also like that type of rule. The election is sure to bring the truth once again that the two national parties BJP and Congress have no place or foot hold in the state.

OMG! I forgot to mention about a vociferous leader who rants and raves exclusively for TN. His name is Seeman. He  too had come from film background. His party is named ‘Naam Tamizhar Party’. He too against all the Dravidian and National Parties. He is said to come close to the third place as he is a rabble rouser and enjoys quite a good following from the new-gen under privileged youngsters. I think he may prove to be the leader of next gen Dravidian Party in Tamil Nadu.

One major fact to be conceded about Tamil Nadu is this; whether the Dravidian parties provided good and clean administration or not, they have infused a pride and parochial feeling of ‘Tamil language and their culture are superior in the whole world’ among the state population. That is now widespread and they hate anything related to joining the national stream.

You find ‘Munnetram’ or ‘Murpokku’ in all the party names especially the Dravidian ones. What is the meaning of ‘Munnetram”? Developments. Oh, there it is in the name of the party itself.  So, no worries. TN population is well developed and advanced from the rest of the world since ages; I mean from ‘Sangam’ period itself.

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