Tryopstambh in Ayurveda

Trya upstambh refers to three pillars. Ahar (Diet) Nidra (Proper sleep) & Brahmacharya (Abstinence) are described as Trya upstambh in ayurveda . They are pillar of human life and are busin of human life. Just three biological humours vata, pitta, & kapha & triguna, satva, rajas & tamas regulate the body and mind respectively ahara, sleep and brahmacharya are essential for promoting healthy life.

(1) Ahar (Diet):  Ahara stands for balanced diet & in the first and foremost pillar of ayurveda. Balanced diet is one which supplies the human with required amount of protein, fat, vitamin,. Ahara is fundamentally preventive in nature.

Ayurveda is commonly known as science of life & knowledge of proper diet is integral form of ayurvedic dietetics. Ayurveda provides the first approach that can be helpful in creation & maintenance of perfect health & to elevate the symptoms of illness from treatment point of view ayurveda recommends that while diet is not capable of using all the diseases but majority of the diseases can be put under control only by doing adjustment in diet and maintain proper eating habits.

Classification of Ahara: 

Charak classifies the food particles in different ways. Diet is one from the point of intake, of two types according to source –animal origin & plant origin according to effect whole some & unwhole some food maybe drinkable, eatable, chewable & lehya according to way of intake. In other context charak has classified food articles into twelve group.

Sushruta classifies food in to twenty one groups

According to properties food is of twenty types and of innumerable farities due to abundance of substance their combination & preparation.

– Kashyapa says that food articles are of five types viz. Akasheeya, Vayavya, Agneya & parthiva.
– Sharangadhar and Bhavprakasha further classified food into six type viz. Bhojya Bhakshya, charvya, Lehya, Chusya & Peya. It is of six type as per taste.

Diet for different Prakriti: 

Ayurveda gives due importance to prakriti (body constitution) as far as consideration of food intake is concerned. The three biological humours vata pith & kapha constitute seven type of prakriti. In this universe each and every person is a unique because of heredity, environment, Biochemical structure and mental status. For this apartment reason all the individual cannot have effectiveness of all.

All the natural and good food items to the same extent every individual should consume a diet verses to his/her predominal biological humors to keep them in state of equilibrium in different seasons.

Ayurvedic Dietetics & Individualized approach

Concept of Ayurvedic dietics is unique in sense of its individualized approach. It considers following factors: 

– Combination of food articles.
– Doshika status of food articles.
– Emotional effect
– Environmental consideration
– Method of preparation
– Nature (Prakriti) of the consumers
– Quality
– Taste of food articles
– Time

Rules in Relation to the intake of Ahara: -

Charaka Samhita has given 12 rules which should be followed to get maximum effect of food item consumed.

– Take warm food
– Take uncutuous food
– Take in proper quantity
– Take only when the previous meal is digested
– Take the food not having any contradictory potency.
– Take food in proper place equipped with all this accessories.
– Take food in relax condition
– Not eat too slowly
– Avoid taking and laughing during meal.
– Take food in prescribed manner.

(2) Nidra (Proper Sleep): 

According to Ayurveda the state when the mind and body undergo rest. It is known as living body is a sleep. When the mind is effected by tamoguna in the night, the kapha dosha predominates & natural sleep is induced. Kapha humour is related to growth and development of body tissues and enhances the immunity to against diseases.

In the presence of depression, anxiety, anger or sham rage. Clam sleep is not possible because these Vata which has opposite effect as compared to tamogune sleeping for long time or sleeping late in the morning imbalances the daily routine & has a bad impact on health. Insomnia (Lack of proper sleep) induces, lethargy burning sensation in eyes, head ache and body ache poor sleep effects the routine in bad manner, as it has impact timely on regular bowel movements.

(3) Brahmacharya: 

According to ayurveda seminal fluid is the last dhatu that is formed out of majja or marrow. Ayurveda suggest protecting semen in order to inhance health. That man who uses his physical body only but keeps the intellect and heart undeveloped cannot expect to attain perfect brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya is the view of celibacy in thought word & ded by which one attains self realization or reaches Brahman. It means control of not only the reproductive indriya but also control of all senses in thought, word & deed. The door to Nirvana or perfection is complete Brahmacharya.


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