Who is Deaf?

The husband felt that his wife over the years had gone deaf. He approached an ENT (Ear, Nose,Throat) Specialist for advice.

The Specialist advised him to carry out a simple test at home. Make your wife sit on a chair, and ask her a question from a distance of 15 feet, then 10 feet, and then 5 feet from behind the chair.

The next morning the husband asked the question from 15 feet,

"Darling what are we having for breakfast?". He failed to register a reply from 15,10,and 5 feet. Then out of despair he stood 2 feet behind her and repeated the question. The wife blurted out, "Are you deaf, I've already told you thrice".

So, guess, who of the two is deaf?



More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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