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‘Education, like growth, must be always from within. Only the inner struggle, only the will of the taught is of avail. Those who think otherwise do so only because they are ignorant of education as a science by itself.’ It is the only effort that makes us advance.  Therefore, education removes our darkness of evils/taboos/prejudice. It is that motivational drive determining our progress and development towards a well advanced society. It strengthens our multi-channels of communication of knowledge, attitude and information. It teaches for integration and living together by mutual understanding, mutual co-operation and support. Further, education modifies at first our behavior of mutuality and self-respect and respect to others. It shapes our personality and meaningful life pattern of influence to others, specially backward and underprivileged. It helps to verify oneself. Secondarily, it helps to build a career/descent occupation. But last aspect becomes more important to the people of all concerns for comfortable living in highly consumerised society as a result of so-called globalization.

‘The substitution of foreign ideals (unconscious and involuntary on the part of the education very likely) for those that are familiar leads to confusion of aims and the luxury or frivolity or other undesirable characteristics of the new example may be fully as likely to attract imitations as the more solid qualities intended for admiration.’ Now education has become of subject of imitation. It is a target for comfort living and it perhaps starts from a mother’s womb because a would be- parents are expecting to make their child as per their target or status in their community. Matching with parental expectation school/college or educational institution has been transformed into a teaching shop. This teaching shop promotes their business through various promotional aspects (no. of engineers, doctors, etc.) it has been produced. Education has become a consumerised status symbol.  Ultimately,  the prime object of education is like a tool of money making. So, enrollment and admission into education have been comparatively increased in last few decades. Education becomes motivational drive for money making and status as well as identity. Status of educated people turns into a commodity which quantified by their money and assets. Quality of oneself does not attract as influential factor for education.

But we forget that ‘the action of extraneous forces in education is always peculiarly liable to be disastrous. Modern education to the Indian women has been always more or less destruction.’

We should always remember, ‘all the hammering in the world from outside would be useless. It will destroy one’s will to climb.’


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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