Some of the Best Ways to Manifest Your Dreams

Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction is the natural law of nature. Most of us precisely accentuate and move around the contours of “power of thoughts”. But it is beyond the power of thoughts. LoA is a subset of a whole complex universal system; it is just one part of the huge complex universal system.

We’re nothing but the flow of energy. The very existence and characteristic, the way we’re what ever situation we are in, it is a flow of energy. Our energy field is electromagnetic field a shield which we often call it aura. This electromagnetic field is constantly in quantum communication with entire system around you. This energy field is resonating and receiving vibrations continuously in around your world. Energy from your field will go out and catch the energy of equal vibrations and later the same is converted into physical reality.

Energy which we resonate out through our energy system; attracts the energy of same vibrations which in turn creates our physical reality. Like energy attracts like energy. This is how law of attraction works.

Thoughts + Mind + Heart (emotions) ===> manifestation.

Who controls the flow of energy? The consciousness.

Who is feeding our energy field? Two power centers Mind and Heart.

Mind and heart both significantly contribute to your energy field, but heart is much more stronger and contributes significantly to your electromagnetic field. Since mind contains past life trauma and baggage its contribution is very less.

Myth around LOA

  1. Only positive thoughts manifest. Combination of thought + mind + intent emotions that helps in manifestation.
  2. Energy from energy field will reach to your world to attract same energies and create physical reality. This does not mean that if you’re vibrating at higher frequency then only wonderful things will happen to you. And vice versa if your energy dips down then bad things will start happening in your life.

Why is that bad things happen despite you’re following LoA

Bad things can happen in life to anyone; as there’re many other laws of nature acting simultaneously.

Remember your electromagnetic field and the events in your life is influenced by five other factors seriously; which is again just a subset of the entire huge universal complex system. Universe is a beautiful intelligence.

Who controls the flow of energy? The consciousness.

Five Factors Affecting Events Of Your Life

The universe is made up of consciousness, from the same consciousness there're five predominant factors which affects on you as our individual consciousness. All the incidents in our life take place within all the permutations and combinations of these five factors.


Until we take food, its separate chunk of consciousness, as soon as we consume the food, it gets merge in our consciousness. All the three gunas tamas, rajat and sata and all the three doshas Vatt, Pitt and Cough (as per aryuveda) of food gets merge in our consciousness. This is why Satvik food and not junk food are advised to be taken.


All living beings are energy balls. If two energy balls come in close vicinity, then exchange of energy takes place. We try and maintain a respected physical distance between two humans, but are we aware that our subtle body does touch each other substantially and there, without even knowing exchange of energy takes place.

This is the reason why we experience happiness with someone and sorrow with other. It’s just not physical proximity which affects exchange of energy process.


Energy of New York and New Delhi is different. The consciousness of a place is well defined by the work happening there, the quality and kind of people living there. This is a crude example of “collective consciousness”


Day time has different impact over human mind, compared to evening or dawn. Even year and month has different impact over human consciousness. Early morning has different impact, we experience sudden drop of energy after sun set. Time has significant role in developing our individual consciousness.

Personal Karma

Individual karma plays a significant role in giving consciousness a shape. From past lives we’ve been accumulating our karmic baggage.

These five factors morphed our consciousness, and in turn act as catalyst in shaping the events in our life.

You can desire something with the best of your ability and energy still it may not manifest; it might be because of divine timing or your personal karma. You can desire and it can come to you in different shape or form not that you’d desired for. This does not mean you’re vibrating at negative energy.

Conducive Actionable Tips

Heal your past baggage
Let go your past impressions. Past life regression. Heal your wounds, your trauma, your psychic impressions. Our energy system weigh down by trauma and psychic impressions. Prati Prasav Sadhna (past life regression) is one of the very powerful meditative tool to burn our karmic layers. It’s a process to heal your past life karmic baggage. Believe system creates electromagnetic energy pattern within you, who controls your thought. We have five body. Fourth body gyanmaya kosha controls emotions, unconscious reflex actions. Gyanmaya kosha has all the file contracts stored; in vedic language its the sanchit karma— the sanskaras. This sanchit karmas create reactions towards every incidents. Until unless the karmic layers are released the contract is not cancelled ; the thought cannot be changed.

Improve Your Breath
Inner Martial Art. Improving your breath will increase the probability of connecting to divine powers. Raise your vibrations to have high connectivity through inner martial art — refine your breath.

Attitude of Gratitude
Be heartful to connect to higher consciousness. Focus on heart chakra which resonates powerful electromagnetic vibrations. Heart is more stronger electromagnetically than mind. Ideally mind + heart to be aligned and coherent. Stop logical thinking during manifestation.

Our brain is processing multiple things at the same time. Thoughts meander consciously and unconsciously and henceforth we attract many different things at the same time which leads to wastage of energy. So don’t give confusing signals to universe which one to deliver to you first. Narrow down your requirement be specific and clear; this will result the delivery from universe much faster.

Be in Present
Think and feel the present moment. Don’t worry about future which is hard to implement though. Think and feel the manifestation has already been achieved; live in present with the same emotions as if you’ve already achieved your manifestation. Each drop of present combine to to form the ocean of future. Fear, scarcity, doubt, sadness it will dampen the chances of manifestation. If you start living the dream in present moment and be happy day by day you won’t even bother when the desire is materialized.

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.

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