How to Practice Correct Trataka

Trataka — A Concentrated gazing

Before going to bed try 15 minute trataka meditation to relax your body , mind and soul after a hectic burn out day. Trataka is concentrated gazing a light source or a point.

Instead of a candle light or a single point meditation my preference would be a diya made out of mustard oil. And when doing trataka always ensure to switch off electric lights in the room. Mustard oil light creates a high positive energy within the room and its aura absorbs all forms of negative energy easily, so for me mustard oil diya is the best; you can try as per your own wish though.

How to perform trataka

– Take a woolen asana. Identify a quiet and peace corner of your house. Ensure that no one else would use your asana now on.

– Preferably sit in sukhasana over woolen asana. If you can’t sit in sukhasana sit on a chair and place woolen asana under your heels.

– Be quiet and try to be in mental peace. Leave all your worries, thoughts let go within yourself.

– Take deep breath. No shallow breathing.

– Now sit straight with spine erect and sit closely to a diya maintaining a distance from where your eyes can gauge the tip of the flame without bending your head.

– Watch the diya light without blinking your eyes; it might hurt initially so take your own time and your comfort to practice trataka. Constant gauging the flame of light as per your convenience will make eyes muscle stronger. Try to focus your attention on the center of the flame without blinking your eyes; duration should be as per your convenience. Don’t be harsh with yourself. Remember you’re practicing the meditation to ease out yourself so don’t push yourself rather try to be disciplined.

– You can chant mantra of your choice slowly while meditating with the flame.

– At the end of the session take three deep breath. Thanks with gratitude to lord shiv shiva, god mahamrityunjai and goddess bhagwati the centrifugal creative force of this planet.

Precautions with trataka

– Practice this meditation before going to bed.

– Once you’re finished with trataka go to bed, (may be you can read your golden journal if you’re on the path of manifestation or you can practice another meditation) but be very specific after doing trataka never be on phone or social media or over your laptop. This will deplete the energy which you’ve gained during trataka.

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.

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