Feminine Energy: A Dimension

We’re nothing but the flow of energy. The very characteristic, the way we’re what ever situation we are in, it is a flow of energy.


This universe is made up of energy which is in layers — template and programmed. The two form of energy is male energy (Yang) and female energy (Yen). Even every human body has two components of energy ; the right part of the body is male energy and left part of the body is female energy. When we say male energy it doesn’t have to do with male sex, similarly when we say female energy; it doesn’t have to do with female sex.

Both the male and female energy are inseparable. Male energy is the base of female energy. That is why lord shiva is seen lying beneath the goddess shakti.

Darwin described female energy as:

  • Non Action
  • Soft energy
  • Gentle. Still
  • Black
  • Dark Soil
  • Wet Soil

All the above components described are one or the other dimensions of the female energy.

In our own sanatan dharma, which is itself a science and is based on very scientific facts, kundalini awakening is considered to be rise of shakti - the female energy.

Nav durga (nine forms of durga) has its own very specific dimensions.

Components of shakti, the female energy, the Yen energy as per Vedas

  • Central Creator of life force energy.
  • Fundamental energy the very creative energy. She is a major component of electromagnetic field around human body.
  • She destroys what all need to destroy i.e which is not required. Why it destroy unwanted because it always seek truth. Anything which is not true in your life will be destroyed.
  • She is humming pulsating energy. Sound of musical instruments. In our veda it resembles goddess saraswati.
  • She energy sustains everything.
  • She feels the emotions. Its a healer facet.
  • She resides mostly in the lower chakras of human body. Mooladhar, swadishthan, and manipur chakra. Manipur is considered to be the central energy system.
  • She energy is the intuitive side of you. Heart chakra.
  • She is the magnetic component whereas He is the electric component of electromagnetic field around human body which we often express as aura.
  • She is multifocal. He is unifocal.
  • When chakras are activated she energy is activated. Each petals of every chakra has a beej mantra resembling she energy. Our Vedas have described the shree vidhya meditation as the ultimate meditation for materialization.
  • She is a receiving energy. It downloads wisdom, creativity,power from cosmic world into your own body in lower chakras. Chakras are energy reservoirs.
  • She brings what she needs. Jaguaar which is considered to be animal in night found in African jungle hunts in night only. He goes out what he seek.
  • She seeks beauty.
  • She works with life cycle. Since she energy is dominant in female, they have monthly cycles.
  • She is energy of being.
  • She is fiery, potent and destructive.
  • Major part of our body is water and Moon sync with water. Moon resembles she energy, which is another dimension of she energy in our astro world.
  • She is not weak and defenceless. She and He are inter connected so when She is dis-align heal the He energy first which is the base of She energy.

Earth is on its own evolution; overlapping of dimensions as earth’s vibration is increasing. Evolving its new facet, new consciousness. Consciousness of earth is evolving into 70% female energy and 30% male energy. this means the energy of earth won’t be supportive of doing things which we were doing earlier. No longer we can lead the life we’re leading earlier. We need to understand the new energy pattern of earth the way it work for us now onwards.

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.

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