What is Schrodinger Smiley?

The grand reality of universe is morphed by consciousness.

The state of self being is consciousness. As wave equation contains all the possible information of physical state of a particle, similarly a matter contains all the possible information of consciousness. Our thoughts emit vibrations, vibrations has energy which in turn creates reality or matter. This has been scientifically proven by Einstein's E=mc^2 equation.

Now, let's phrase the answer …

Schrodinger “smiley” is nothing but a creation of thought at that particular instant; it resembles the consciousness of “his” belonging …

Part of your consciousness does travel.

Yes ! It does travel.

Schrodinger's consciousness was so “ divine“ and “pure“ that even after so many years his emotional creation is well regarded and adored by us in different forms of life.

We all embrace his “unconditional love” to mankind. And would always continue to do so.

Nothing comes from nothing, and no substance can be resolved completely into nothing.
There has to be something which is called “matter “.

Keep Smiling!

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.


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