How do you Demystify ...

...the Secrets of Law of Attraction

First and the foremost I’ve never demystified the secrets of the law of attraction. Yes, the fundamental laws of nature is openly available to everyone with abundance. One can procure or seize the information from basic laws of nature within the realm of his/her consciousness.

We all have defined a limit to our consciousness — each of us has build a cage around us; a thin line from where we’d become observed from observer. This all of us can increase to infinite limit though. For this to happen one need a coach, a perfect trainer, a master.

Leave aside the philosophical aspect now.

Manifestation works with the Law of Attraction. And Law Of Attraction is always delivering and always working. Law of nature never stops working. Does gravity ever stops working? No never. The same with law of attraction; it is always in progress.

To download any information from the cloud or internet. What is the basic requirement? You need to have an internet connection in working condition along with the hardware. Right? You just plug in your dongle, get connected to google or specific website and download the information. Right?

This is one way of downloading information from internet, another way is to get connected to supreme consciousness and download the required information through a carrier called — cosmic energy.

Now how it can happen? or rather how did it happened to me? Our Immortals have taught us; life has two facets. Two types of transactions being executed: They’re in

– Physical Form or
– Subtle Form

Physical Form: The facet which we see physically from our eyes. The Physical Transaction.

E.g. A student is sitting in front of a teacher and studying. We can witness with our naked eyes.

Subtle Form : The facet which we’re unable to witness from our naked eye; and henceforth, majority of us don’t believe on it. We keep on pooh pooh such subtle transactions.

All physical facets are just 1%; it is not reality. In true sense whatever is happening is invisible to our eyes and science supports such facts.

Why subtle transactions not visible?

Simply because it’s an aestral transaction. Exchange of energy executing which we cannot see. Energy cannot be created neither destroyed — it transforms from one form to another. This is one the fundamental laws of nature. There is no scientific apparatus yet invented to measure such transactions though.

Now what happens when a sadhak sit in front of his guru?

1. Exchange of energy takes place.

2. Activation of junk DNA in sadhak’s body. Cellular Regeneration.

A transformation within the five bodies of sadhak similar to the transformation within a seed when a seed is germinated within the soil.

Guru spray some divine seeds in our aura our consciousness which we call as shaktipatra or deeksha.

Something received by sadhak from his guru. But, whatever received is still not fully activated. Few carry the seed with them and return back to their normal lifestyle without even realizing the monumental importance of the seed. They don’t give due attention to the seed. Unaware of the germination of the seed primarily because the transaction is not physical; we can’t witness the germination from our naked eye.

The seed seek utmost care, respect, due attention, hard work. What will happen if we don’t provide sufficient water, nutrients, manure, sufficient sun light, due attention to a germinating seed? Higher probability; the seed won’t grow. Or the seed would die and a bird will eat the seed one day.Maximum probability the seed will die; only 1% probability the seed might grow into a tree. But, few do take care of the seed. They provide sufficient nutrients, manure, water to the seed sufficiently so that the seed germinate to a small plant and finally becomes a tree. Once the tree is evolved it would provide fruits.

This fruit is what we call as grace of guru — blessings from supreme consciousness.

Once you’ve blessings of your guru, a team of spiritual guides help you and guide you in a more sophisticated and pragmatic way in your ever evolving and demystifying journey.

Stay Blessed !

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.


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