What is space? Is it Made of Smaller Units?

Anything which is “the fastest” is supposed to be light, speed of light is fastest in this universe. But when we try and gauge our universe, in context to atomic physics; then our perception towards the universe takes slightly a different route all together.

When we come under the umbrella of quantum mechanics, we know we can perform multiple task, we can be at many places simultaneously at a given time: thanks to “uncertainty principle“.

As per Newton space is a three dimension stage, where all the drama happens and time is independent, and ticks at the same rate in universe. This theory ruled our mankind for two hundred years. According to Newton if an object is traversing in straight line and a force acts on it, it causes to deviate from its original path; it is because of gravity.

But Einstein came and said space and time are interconnected, they aren't independent. Space time can be warped, matter covers space and time around it. A body like earth warps the space and time around it.

You can't talk about space separately from time, so matter warps time as well as space. Relativity empowers us to understand universe as fabric of space time.

This is the reason Newton's laws of motion and Einstein's General Relativity fails at quantum level.

As per quantum mechanics, Sun can be and is present simultaneously at many places. (Shaambhavi Mudra in kundalini dhyaan sadhna support this statement) Even beautiful equations of complex numbers does support this mathematics. The rays of Sun can be invoked in night and can be used for healing.

But, the irony is general relativity and quantum mechanics both explain this universe in different ways. Gravity doesn't find a suitable place in quantum mechanics.

So, the conundrum still continue to haunt “ What is the theory which is applicable to Relativity and Quantum Mechanics both.

Super string theory predominantly answer to this question.

This theory does explain the universe in a better and acceptable way.

What is Super String Theory ?

It supports four fundamental forces of nature.

1 Electromagnetism
2 Weak Nuclear Force
3 Strong Nuclear Force
4 Gravitational Force

These four forces are said to have maintained the balance of universe. In case of heavy celestial bodies, gravity makes its presence felt and that too with a strong impact. At quantum level electromagnetic force has a deeper influence.

This universe is made of either energy (radiations) or mass (matter). Process of fusion and fission support it.

Molecules constitute matter, molecules in turn made up of atoms, atoms in turn made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons resides in nucleus with neutrons around it bounded by strong nuclear force. Electrons are revolving around nucleus in a set of orbits with quantised discrete energies. Electrons, protons further divided we get quarks.

Unlike a marble which has definite position under microscopic lens, a particle doesn't have a fixed position, rather it's presence is distributed in space with a probability.

A particle can appear or disappear is handled independently.

If we go more deeper into quarks we find strings, and strings form fields. Strings not visible to naked eyes.The smallest element, the earth is said to have is planck's length. If planck's length would have been zero, then we wouldn't have quantum mechanics and the universe might have lead by classical mechanics which Newton handed us 300 years back.

Strings vibrate and radiate energy, but vibrate on different patterns to form the particles. To form electron fields, string has different pattern whereas; to form protons the patterns are different.

Different objects are formed by the different patterns of string. All the matter in the universe is said to be formed by vibrations of such strings. All the four fundamental forces of nature are said to be developed by the string vibrations and their patterns.

Quantum Mechanics till now unable to explain gravity, but string theory explains the nature of gravity. Due to string vibrations, graviton particles are formed, and because of that gravity exists. String theory suggest and explain ten dimensions in this universe.

Take a look at the different layers of our universe :
According to Dr. John Hagelin particle physicist and researcher :

The four layers of universe are

1. Classical World.
2. World of molecules and atoms (Quantum World).
3. tomic Nucleus/ Sub Nucleus (Quantum Field Theory).
4. nified Field Theory (Super String Theory).

Deeper you go, simple the nature becomes.

What is Unified Field ? How does it influence the universe ?

Unified field is an ocean of existence, dynamic field of intelligence and deeper you go more dynamic it becomes. Reverberating itself, the bubbles called super strings, miniature rubber band. Different vibrational field of unified field are electrons, protons, quarks. Its a field of intelligence unified law of source governing the whole of universe, concentrated field of intelligence in nature.

Unified field is dynamic and non material, a field of pure abstract existence (amrit), it's self interacting, self aware

Unlike light, electromagnetic field, they isn't self aware, they won't interact with each other, but Unified field interact with each other, they're aware of each other existence which leads to sequential emergence stage by stage.

Field of pure light which doesn't require any medium, they know where to go how to reach, a state of “pure consciousness“.

Now let me phrase a question. What is Veda ?

The fundamental level of natural law, the deepest law of nature governing the universe, it evolves from unified state of consciousness, purest of the pure energy.

Unified Field (Mathematical)
Veda (Experiential)

What comes out of Unified Field?

Universe comes out of unified field.

What constitutes Unified Field ?

- Ocean of silence at core (Shiva) the base the adhaar.
- Dynamic at surface of ocean (Shakti the mother nature at its purest form), the unbounded seeds of intelligence and pure creativity.

In Vedas it is SHIVA absolute silence, absolute purity.

Ever changing is SHAKTI the dynamism or prakriti.

In physics it has shape and geometry. Bubbles are super string. These string rubber band vibrate at certain frequencies. These rubber band lives in 10 dimension. Unified field is beyond planck's space.

What are the products of Unified Field ?

- Yog, Aryuveda, Yajna, Veda's are all unified field based technologies.
- The three subtle forms of Mind :

1 Vaikhari (Articulated thought)
2 Madhyma (Abstract thought)
3 Pashyanti (Deeper fine feelings)

Evolution of Mathematical mind :

# Natural Numbers
# Whole numbers
# Integers
# Rational Numbers
# Real Numbers
# Complex Numbers
# Functions

Entire mathematics and mathematics axioms are evolved from Unified Field.

Deeper you dive in, witness more power, more pure and natural.

I salute you and salute the very divine within you.


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