The 2nd Anniversary of John Brown's Death

Today is the second anniversary of John Wayne Brown's death. For those who don't know, John's mother named him after the deceased movie star. Sadly, in addition to John, his mother and father are also deceased. John died on June 3, 2019 at the age of forty-eight. When a person is forty-eight, it isn't young, but it's still too young to die. John would be fifty if he had lived.

Let me tell you about something that happened when John and I were kids at school. A dodgeball game was being played in the gym. I had been hit by a ball and I was sitting on the top row of the bleachers. A boy named Brandy got hit by a dodgeball and was upset. He grabbed a ball and threw it and hit me in the head. When the ball hit me, it made my head hit the concrete wall. It hurt like hell.

John saw what Brandy did. As Brandy was about to sit on the other set of bleachers, John grabbed a ball. He threw the ball and hit Brandy and caused him to fall inside of the bleachers. Brandy started crying his eyes out. Brandy deserved it too because when he busted my head against the wall, it was very painful. The teachers didn't punish John because what he did was justifiable.

One thing that I admired about John was that when it came to women, he wasn't superficial. The woman who John was with when he died was seventeen years older than him and she weighed over three hundred pounds. John didn't choose women based on good looks. He chose women for what they had on the inside.

John and I remained friends for the remainder of his life. Sadly, he died because of drugs. He smoked pot, popped pills, did Meth and other drugs. I think that he may have smoked Crack on one or two occasions. I sure do wish that he had said no to drugs. Drugs do nothing but kill. If people will remember that, they might avoid taking drugs. John lost his life two years ago today. May he Rest in Peace.


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