The Post-Pandemic Conflict

is between Science and Religion

The Chauvinists of Faith are, in race to establish (with guns if necessary) that they are the inheritors of the Perfect Scientific Civilization as prescribed in their ancient Holy Books.

Politically active neo-Conservatives (of all Faiths) believe that the advanced scientific discoveries were “already given” in their Holy Books; There are e.g., the Vedic (Hindu) Science, the Christian Science, and the Islamic (Muslim) -Science groups, insisting their Holy Books contain the advanced Scientific discoveries. However, the 21st century Cosmic discoveries, cannot be based on any Holy Book of the bygone age.

Bertrand Russell, in the History of Western Philosophy, rightly says that when an intelligent man expresses a view which seems to us obviously absurd, we should not attempt to prove that it is somehow true, ( and Divine) but we should try to understand how it ever came to seem true at that bygone age.

Since the Necessity is the Mother of Invention, there was no necessity of Jet fighters in the battle field of Kurushetra, where horses and elephants were suffice.

In the post-pandemic 21st century Space age development when socio-economic-education /enterprise are governed on E-math-digital system, what is the meaning of dividing humanity in terms of religion, or old –times’ communal nationalism. There is no Blood group that divides humanity East-West, or in terms of caste, gender, race, religion. Regional nationalism will put the clock back to Middle Ages resisted the Scientific civilisational advancement. But Scientific Knowledge is Secular and Progressive, and the conflict is NOT between East v. West, or majority v. minority, but Democratic governance against the Communal Politics.

We humans born with Knowledge Gene that lead us to the Cognitive Cosmic discoveries of Universe. Professor Stephen Hawking, in How do we shape the future, rightly says: With confidence that the future will depend more on science and technology than any previous generations. The great inventions for the future which will revolutionize the ways we live, work, eat and communicate and travel. There is such enormous scope for innovation in every area of life.

And our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pronounced : We are trustees of humanity’s future. Addressing G20, Heads of State, PM Modi virtually repeated the Upanishadic mantra: Vasudhaiv-kutumbakam – The world is one family.


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