Fallen Stars of Tamil Nadu Politics

The recent Tamil Nadu elections proved the complete incompetence of two popular film actors who had been trying to hog the media with their fictitious, false and ridiculous promises. True. They have been kept in the high pedestal in the Tamil film industry. One for his ‘style’ and other for his ‘histrionics.’ They could reign supreme for nearly two decades with this quality and managed to garner enough wealth and popularity. Nevertheless, both had some axe to grind against the previous regime of AIADMK and its departed charismatic leader for many personal reasons. So they felt that they could also shine in politics like a pole star because after all, AIADMK was started by a film actor and later controlled and ruled by another film actor.

No wonder both would have thought: ‘If they could, why not us?’

It clearly indicated their lack of vision and political knowledge. The one celebrated as a super star created a lot of brouhaha with his punch dialogues as a harbingers to his political entry in every movie of his and as the elections came closer his voice also tried to touch high pitch. Alas! After his brief hospitalization during his film shooting of the ruling party bigwig, he decided to quit politics because of ‘his health conditions’. For those who are watching the political scenarios in Tamil Nadu could clearly understand the ‘real reason’ for his exit from the hustings. Nevertheless, his health conditions permit him to go in search of the new gen directors and continue acting at the age of 70 as a young or middle aged hero with his inimitable style in his formulaic hero-centric movies. Now he is ‘fit as a fiddle’ to face the camera and arc lights, sing duets with the heroines less than half of his age and perform breathtaking stunts with the body doubles. Shame! ‘Thalivar’ is neither a ‘spiritual’ person nor someone who can ‘serve’ the public through ‘politics.’ Whether the public and his ardent fans know the reasons for his exit, his conscience surely knew!

The other actor with his sobriquets ‘Ulaga Nayagan’, ‘Sakalakala Vallavan’ and ‘Nammavar’ turned out to be a better man. He turned into a full-fledged politician floating a party of his own and started speaking and moving around meeting the public as a real politician. His entry into ‘politics’ is obviously not because of his interest to serve the population of Tamil Nadu; it is because of his professional jealousy.  While his professional rival in films keeps prompting about his political aspirations and even the ruling national party started wooing him for support, this gentleman’s ego was terribly hurt. Why not prove his mettle in ‘politics’ too? He was discreetly supported by the popular regional party also because that party not in power for one decade believed that his entry and splitting of votes, however small a proportion it might be, will help them to defeat their rival. It helped. But, Nayagan drew blank and his obscure and intellectual orations started distancing himself from the public as well as party workers. After his significant election debacle as he himself was defeated in the polls, many supporters in his camp started migrating towards the present ruling party. Anyway, ‘Nammavar’ proved that he is a damp squib in political scenarios and for his discreet promoters his service had helped. Though in political wilderness now, he keeps issuing insipid statements and ahem, he too has gone back to his original profession of acting.

The Tamil Nadu population is a film crazy lot and that is not substantial for any or every film personality to enter and shine in politics. It demands greater charisma and mass appeal.

Anyway, the blessed Tamil Nadu film stars will never learn; two of the present gen popular actors keep exhibiting their inclination towards politics by frequently mouthing dialogues in their films or issuing statements against the ruling national party!

Let us wait and watch some more theatrics!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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