Breaking the Barrier

Of No Avail: Web of Wedlock – 7

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'So far so good but what after I disclose that,’ she began thinking after recalling the sequence of events starting from that heartwarming moment of seeing his photo in the divorcee’s folder in the marriage bureau. ‘Surely he’s on track but what if he backtracks after knowing my doings. Am I not neck deep in love with him already, in a girlish way; better late than never, and what a feeling it is to fall in love. Oh, what an extraordinary man he is to have foregone the marital joys that too with a sexy dame just to uphold his moral uprightness. Hats off to him and given my own disposition, won’t I gloat over being his wife that too seeing him adorning the bar in a principled manner. No way am I going to lose him now, at any cost that is. What if I don’t disclose? Well, besides being unfair to him, I cannot reconcile myself with such falsity. I shall kiss and tell and, if need be, beg him to have me now and here.’

Reaching her wardrobe after her bath, she scanned it for an appropriate wear and having zeroed in on a white voile sari with a thin gold border to adorn herself with a maroon sleeveless blouse, she set out on her seductive mission. Thus dressed to kill, when she reached him tentatively, he kept staring at her as if in a trance.

“Hi, Venu where are you lost?” she said coquettishly.

“Oh, Priya, you look splendid in this dress!” he said admiringly.

“So, let me thank my sari,” she said smilingly, and kissed its pallu mischievously.

“You’re impossible,” he said feigning helplessness.

“Why give up dear,” she said sitting beside him.

“I’m all eager to hear,” he said gluing his eyes on her.

She refilled their glasses as though to provide fillip to her narrative and he offered her another fag as if to let their smoke-filled puffs herald that to his ears.

“Don’t mistake me as a drunkini, I just want to shed my inhibitions,” she said coyly.

“You’re welcome to have more of both,” he said smilingly.

“That’s lovely; soon after that fiasco of a date, Rekha became my personal secretary to redraw the lines of my life,” she began blushing to the core. “In my depressed state, her vivacity drew her closer to me though she was ten years younger than me. Not wanting her to tread on the perilous path of vacuous maidenhood, even as I made my confused life an open book for her, she took me into every recess of her exuberant mind, and that brought us even more emotionally closer. Besides, the way I handled the grapes of wrath made me her role model, and what’s more, she came to develop affection for me bordering on fetishism. By then this villa too was ready for occupation and she too was bowled over by its splendor; so I suggested that she may as well stay with me; and true to her character, not wanting to take advantage of my liking for her, she insisted on becoming my paying guest. So to say, my admiration for her and her adoration of me insensibly fused in the ambience of this exotic setting that we shared thereafter.’

She asked for another cigarette and began puffing away at it as if to puncture the smokescreen to bring into his view the secrets her place contained.

“That night, when I complained of body pain that didn’t yield to the Dolo,” she said bowing her head. “Rekha set out to massage me but hindered by my clothing, she undressed me in stages, and finding it exciting, I wasn’t inclined to resist her from embarking upon that erotic course. Soon, as if to rest her hands that massaged my naked frame, she supplanted her mouth to do their bidding, and that made me feel even more ecstatic. But when she started sucking my assets, her sensual act acquired a sexual slant to my immense delight. So, it’s only time before I too turned her nude to savor her luscious figure in my erotic mood, which set us on a lesbian course. Lying fulfilled in our embrace, as we exchanged notes, it became apparent that it was a chance encounter, brought about by her adoration for me and my admiration for her that robbed our virginity, if it can be said so.”

“It may not be fair to ask for her picture but..,” he said hesitantly.

“I wouldn’t show that to anyone else but you,” she said coyly.

“I swear I’ll keep your secret, hers included,” he said gesturing his intent.

“You don’t need to do that for you’ve proved yourself to be a gentleman twice over,” she said getting up from the sofa.

“I’m glad you regard me well,” he said as she moved towards the staircase.

‘Seemingly he’s not scandalized by my lesbian leanings, and it’s but natural that he wants to have a measure of my mate,’ she thought on her way to her bedroom.

Having picked up the photo album of her pictures with Rekha from a cupboard, she thought, ‘Why not I let him have a full measure of both of us; won’t that tilt his scale of temptation in my bisexual direction? It would for sure.’

While she was weighing her options thus, Venu took stock of the peculiar situation.

‘What charms life holds and what turns it takes,’ he began thinking. ‘But why is she making a clean breast of herself? Is it that she wants to start life afresh with me; or is it to alert me about her lesbian character? It’s all so intriguing, let me see how it all ends.’

About to step out of her bedroom with her laptop containing the folder of her intimacy, she went back to her wardrobe to pick up her light blue nylon lingerie to foretell him what was in the offing. Thus, displaying her provocative figure in that enticing attire, when she descended the staircase, espying her wide-eyed, he became ecstatic in divining her underlying figure. Thus reaching him enchantingly and sitting beside him coquettishly, as if to steady his nerves, she shared her drink with him; but soon, having placed the laptop in his lap, she leaned on his shoulder as though to guide him through her lesbian course with Rekha.

“Both of you shame those Playboy girls,” he said without taking his eyes off the very first picture.

“I’m sure Rekha would also love to kiss your eyes,” she said in utter relief.

“Thanks for your extraordinary openness,” he said pressing her hand.

“Move the cursor for more of it,” she winked at him.

As he went on feasting his eyes on the lesbian doings of the mates, she kept on looking at him in all desire.

“Maybe these are among the most sensuous acts ever pictured,” he said in all admiration, “but who has captured this sexual intimacy so vividly!”

“I’ll come to that later but for your current account these are last year’s figures,” she said coquettishly.

“You’re really impossible Priya,” he said pressing her bare shoulder.

“Now that you hold the sketches of its physicality, I shall paint them with the emotionality of lesbianism for you,” she said eloquently. “You know that the essence of lovemaking lies in the pleasure of giving and the ecstasy of receiving; in man-woman coition, given the differing physical means of give and take, the attendant emotional experiences that invariably vary are beyond each other’s grasp. As I’m a virgin in that sense, it’s only my visualization subject to your correction (she winked at him). But in the lesbian union, the biological medium of giving and receiving being the same, it affords the mates an emotional equivalence on an unvarying libidinous plane. I suppose the same cannot be said about the gay get-togethers.”

“Why, you make me feel like a sexual midget,” he said in great awe.

“I would withdraw my words then,” she said in jest.

“Jokes apart, your understanding of sexuality is remarkable,” he said.

“Better brush up your vocabulary for adjectives as I’m going to quote Dhaatri, the Lady Vātsyāyana, who clicked those pictures you savoured,” she said smilingly. “She’s Rekha’s close acquaintance during her hostel days; last year she came here to attend some wedding but stayed with us to catch up with her, and instead she latched onto us both. Sensing our intimacy, she seduced us into an orgy with her own threesome tales of manly kind. After clocking over twenty years in a loving and trustful wedlock, her husband wanted it opened for double-teaming her with a younger male. Though excited herself about its sexual potential, yet she was skeptical about the marital blowback; the possibility of their threesome farce inhibiting his libidos key to open their wedlock even for their twosome fare.”

“I’ve read that such sexual adventures are psychologically hazardous,” he said in interruption.

“But he asserted that given her innate biology and imbibed sexuality,” she continued unabashedly, “woman could achieve her full sexual potential only when double-teamed in a threesome and as for the husband, if he fails to facilitate it for her, at least on occasion, he would be failing her and himself as well. Seeing her soften a bit, he maintained that inherently women are as promiscuous as men and assured her that he was mature enough to appreciate that it is but natural for woman to enjoy sex with any man other than her man. When he capped his sexual logic with the emotional appeal that she may see him joyous espying her threesome joys, even she mentally readied herself to be double-teamed, he set out to find a suitable stud in the dating sites. Soon as their first threesome went as envisaged by him, which thrilled her to the cores in both ends, on and off, he was won’t to fetch a stranger to fend for her sexual ends sans emotional hiccups.”

“Remarkable couple to say the least,” he said.

“What is more relevant,” she said, “while enjoying her threesome sexual fare, strange it may seem, she found herself becoming emotionally closer to her man with each such encounter, and he too became more loving and desirous of her, as such a highly desirable woman.”

“So, the altruism of threesome is man’s realization that it’s in the nature of sex that his wife enjoys it with other males as much as with him, and vice versa,” he thought aloud. “But as it could be way beyond the weak hearts, its better that the couples look before they leap, isn’t it?”

“No denying it calls for nuanced thinking with marital bonding,” she said shedding her own inhibitions. “So, enjoying lesbianism with us and extolling the ecstasy of double-teaming, she revealed to us how physical attraction and sexual chemistry play their part in sensual enjoyment; while the physical attraction induces sexual desire, it’s the sexual chemistry that imparts quality to lovemaking; and as if to underscore the potency of our sexual chemistry, she had extended her stay by a week for our threesome thrill.”

“Mature stuff, really,” he said.

“Have a measure of Dhaatri as well,” she said opening a new folder, “though not in nude.”

“What do you take me for, a compulsive voyeur or what?” he said smilingly, “but surely, she wouldn’t have been an odd woman out in your threesome.”

“If I get a chance, I would convey your compliments to her,” she said coyly. “But shortly after she left, leaving those snaps behind, Rekha went to her native for the first death anniversary of her sister two years older to her. That being our first separation after our union, as I was finding it hard to cope with that loneliness, she returned to announce her engagement with her widowed brother-in-law, induced by her family.”

“What, in this age and times!” he said.

To be Continued


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