Why I Thank God for Every Meal

I thank God for each and every meal that I eat. Before the year 2015, I never once thanked The Lord for a meal. But when I saw a man thanking God for his meals, I decided to start doing it as well. I have two important reasons why I thank God for every meal.

One, when God created people, he had to make us eat. That was the only way that it could work. We must eat in order to survive. But God didn't have to give us taste buds. He could've made us eat just for the sake of survival. God could've made it so that we can't taste. But he wanted eating to be a pleasurable experience. It would've been easier for God if he hadn't given us taste buds. He wouldn't have had to have gone to the trouble of making each and every food have different tastes.

My second reason for thanking God for every meal is this. There are many people in third world countries who are starving. These people would do anything to be able to sit down to a good meal. God could've put me in one of these parts of the world where people are starving, but he saw fit not to do that. Those are my two reasons why I thank God for every meal.


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