Post-poll Effect in West Bengal

Voters have their own rights and opinion to which political party or NOTA, they vote in a multi-parties democracy in India. In a people's democracy, it is one of the most important fundamental rights. But is it a crime not to vote for a particular political party? Where is safety and security constitutionally to ensure the interests of the voters? Where is the respect for the voters’ choice in India?

In West Bengal, post poll terrorism against the common people who are suspected of voting against the (ruling)winning political party is driving throughout the state, particularly in remote areas. Torture (rape, molestation and so forth) against women and children is a pathetic one. Murder and biting of men, robbery, diminishing of houses, etc. are organising with the support of the police. Is this not a state-sponsored terrorism?

The state is facing dual disasters of the Yaas cyclone and COVID-19. The governments (central and state) are deliberately and desperately involved with an elite issue of extension and transfer of the Chief Secretary of the state. There is egoistic conflict going on. All types of media are also taking its advantage to present this issue colorfully. Their efforts tell that media have been biased and purchased by the ruling political party in West Bengal.

It is a deliberate effort to turn people's heads from the issue of a post-poll terror in the state. The ruling political party is taking revenge against non-supporters and it is an organized crime aiming to punish them by which they can never express their own opinion or choice. Workers or supporters of the ruling political party are trying to establish their dominance for the future. It has been noted that this terrorism is sometimes turning to a communal riot because a particular religious group is conducting all sorts of evil incidents. This group is taking revenge against other major religious group.

The role of the state government is not a serious matter. The people are facing consequences of their own acts. This political party has taken various populist programmes. But there was something politically wrong to win the wholehearted support of the people. On the other hand, the central government is only concerned to protect the winning MLAs of the BJP. But who voted for them to win is neglected. It is not their headache. The Congress and the left are silent, and their gesture is "as you sow so shall you reap". These political parties are the great loser in this poll. So, the leadership of these parties is arrogant to the voters. The leadership has forgotten their responsibilities towards the people. At least they believe in people’s strength and power.

The Election Commission of India is only responsible for conducting the election freely and peacefully. It denies its responsibility to control the post poll effect. Is it the right plan and policy of a democratic nation?

The so-called intellectuals, social and political activists are silent, and they are now acting as blind, deaf and dumb. We agree that they are unable to conduct a procession or agitation due to Covid-19. But why do they have no statement against this state-sponsored terrorism?

At present, women and children of major religious groups are in the most vulnerable situation. They are victims of secularity because they are Hindu. The minority Muslim goons are taking revenge to facilitate their religious goal of Islam country. Now sensitive so-called activists and intellectuals are blind to look at the matter as religious terror. They prefer to make this state a new Kashmir.

But we should remember that no political party or religious group has the right to promote the crime to violate our communal harmony and integration.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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