Corruption: Determinant of Political Bargain,

Political Cost, and Political Fix

Corruption is undoubtedly deeply rooted in Indian society for the long. Democratic politics and its leaders of almost all political parties are prime accelerators and are the cause of its longstanding existence everywhere in Indian society. There are so many enquiries, court verdicts or under trails cases proved how the political leaders are involved with this. A significant of these leaders has joined in the politics only to meet their purposive goal to become the rich without any quality. These leaders have no true sense of idea or plan to serve the people for a better nation. Politics has become a path of wealth making so that they use it as a platform which can protect them from any hitch (when at least they are in the political party in the rule). They are practically far away from their promises of well-being people in this nation or building up a prosperous nation. This culture of corruption has been even reached to the fellow supporters at the grass-roots. But most of the time, common masses witness this culture of corruption as silent spectators. Because of, they have no real freedom and right to express their dissatisfaction against it.

This culture of corruption among the political leaders has become prominent gradually from last two decades and more. It is very much open to all and secrecy is almost nothing. We see this corruption in defense deal, telecom deal, sports deal, ration, old-age pension for the poor(because beneficiaries have to share a little amount of their pension to the party cadres at the grass root), and even in disaster relief.

However, it has become a process of a political bargain, political cost, and political fix. Every time, the political party(ies) in the rule is/are taking its as an advantage to dominant and control the opposition.

In Indian democracy, change of the ruling party in government at least after a term of five years is obvious. To be honest, the party in the rule does not take action against the corrupted leaders of the same party or its ally after agitation movement of the opposition. When change occurs, it becomes a weapon to the other. It is used as a tool of game-changer. Very influential leaders become a political parasite. To save from this, they alter their political affiliation, and they get a clean chit from corruption charges. It is nothing but a political fix.

Is politics in India ethically nothing? Is there no place of morality, ethics and responsibility towards the people of India who voted and to be voted in the future? When they have no ethics, how people would react. Politics of hate is echoed everywhere. How long would common mass bear and care it? How long dole politics and politics of fear run? Every people has their right to survive with self-support and self-reliant. But the policy of political parties in India would be the cause of revolution, which would be badly harmed the Indian society.

Political leaders from every corner (either in the rule or in opposition) should rectify themselves. Corruption would not be a tool of holding power and position in the Indian democracy. Indian democracy should be truly free from unethical political pollution.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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