Society Cannot be Burdened

Many girls are "falling in love" and allowing themselves to enter into sexual relationship with their boy friends of very short duration, if the boy friends "promise" that they will marry them. But once the boy friends break their "promise", the girls are "shattered" and are going to police for justice.

But no one is asking them why the girls are  believing their "boy friends" so naively and are allowing their boy friends to "enjoy" the sex with them and then "ditch" them. 

Will and can, just the word "love" serve as an excuse to reduce and put off their guard and  will power too, to dissolve the protective cover when being cajoled into sexual pleasure and then get "cheated" by their male counterparts?

What is done in private outside the societal norms must be faced by the individuals themselves. They should not bring society into picture when they are cheated; but they never cared or respected societal norms when being naively allowing to be "enjoyed" and "enjoying" the pleasure.

Tradition though ridiculed by modern generation of gadget-suave  and NGOs-coached individuals; the individuals must take more care of themselves and be alert to cheaters and criminals. Society can not be burdened for their youthful indiscretions.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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