Worst Thing Than Pain

The worst thing than pain itself is when we try to fight against pain, when we try not to accept it, when we try to reject it and try to give false reasons created by mind or search for something or someone to blame in order to neutralize it, without letting it healed properly, without giving the period of time it needs really.

Like happiness, pain is also an emotional state as we all know. But the truth is that not all can accept it wholly in life when we face it and really have to live with it. So, we always fight with ourselves by giving any and every possible reason to bring ourselves in our natural state, that's joy.  But that creates more turbulence in mind and the result is more disturbed mind and heavier heart.

Perhaps, we must learn to accept pain beyond reluctance. We must respect it like we do with joy. We must give it enough time so that it can fade naturally when the wound is healed slowly with time. It's okay to cry when you feel like crying, it's absolutely okay to yell or even shout when it's needed or laugh out loud when you feel like that. It doesn't make you insane or sick, it only means you are human.

We can't control everything in life, either happiness or sorrow but we can accept and respect them without trying hard to level them with prior names or opinions given by someone else's experiences or acquired knowledge.

But we must remember that each person is unique. Not even identical twins share the same experience and exposure in life. Then, how can we level our emotions and act accordingly with someone else's given reasons or values? Sometimes, we really need to ask that question.

We must first value our integrity then our emotions and respect and accept them with whole heart!

We must remind ourselves that sometimes it's okay to flow with the current without resisting ourselves to do it.

And it's absolutely okay to mourn, cry, weep or sob in pain when we are dealing it, with all our acceptance, compassion and gratitude!


More by :  Misna Chanu

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