Do Boot Scan on Yourself

Boot scan on computers are done to clean the system of viruses and malwares. After the native boot scan the machine runs well. This native boot scan is supposed to be done regularly to have the computer running smoothly and without a hitch.

I think a similar logic should be applied to human body and mind. We should do periodic boot scan on ourselves which should include introspection, giving time to oneself and cleaning of one’s body. During our daily living we keep on accumulating lots of toxins both physically and mentally. Periodically we should get rid of them.

In the ancient times and even today quite a number of people do fasting and naturopathy as a part of cleansing the body. However majority of times it becomes a ritual. A true fasting process should involve reduced or no food intakes, spending time thinking about the basis of fasting and general introspection. Mahatma Gandhi’s innumerable fasts embodied all these ingredients.

When native boot scan is taking place the computer cannot process any data and for all practical purpose shuts down. Similarly when we do our boot scan we should focus only on cleaning our system both physically and mentally so that the body and mind become better and general feeling of well being results.

Naturopathy regime allows a possible and good way to boot scan ourselves. The regime includes colon cleaning by enema, mud application on stomach, fasting and general cleansing of body to get rid of toxins. The regime generally lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 days and if done with introspection then it brings great benefits to its practitioner.

Once the body gets cleaned by such a system it also affects the thought process. I have a personal experience of this aspect.

Naturopathy was forced on me by my grandfather when I was twelve years old. I used to have tremendous pain in my stomach after every meal. So when I went to my village during a summer vacation, he forced me to undergo the 15 days’ regime of naturopathy which included fasting, taking fruit juices only, enema, mud poultice on stomach etc. My grandfather never believed in any allopathic treatment and was greatly influenced by naturopathic treatment as practiced by Mahatma Gandhi.

My grandfather also gave me the book on Naturopathy to read and so the 15 days’ regime was like a total immersion into it! The treatment stopped the stomach pain but one of the unintended and important side benefit was a great number of vivid spiritual dreams that I started having. It was as if the gut, heart and mind were working together after colon cleaning.

I have done this naturopathy only once in my life so I cannot be sure whether my spiritual dreams and experiences were because of colon cleaning or because of deep meditation that I had started practicing at that time. At that young age the mind is very powerful and hence the body cleansing helped in getting wonderful dreams. Nevertheless many people around the world have reported similar experiences after colon cleansing. Nowadays there are many retreats for such “boot scans” all over India and in other countries. Most of them cater to rich people and includes fancy diets, designer enemas and fancy sounding rituals. All that is not necessary. One can have the retreat at home by having simple diet restriction, intake of fruits and boiled vegetables, introspection and getting away from internet and mobile phones. This can help us to boot scan ourselves and bring in calmness and rejuvenation of the body and soul.


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