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Inane Interpolations in Bhagavad-Gita – 16

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This unique chapter of 20 verses deals with the indwelling spirit and the Supreme Spirit, and the perishable man and the imperishable Purusha (Supreme Spirit). It can be seen that v9, v12, v13, v14, and v15 are clear digressions after the fascinating proposition in,

Ch15, V8

Wind as carries scent of flowers
While leaving them as is where,
In like fashion Spirit from frames
Moves its awareness to rebirths.

sharirm yad avaapnoti yach chaapy utkraamatishvarah
grihitvaitaani sanyaati vaayur gandhaan ivaashayaat

Now, here follows this obvious interpolation.


shrotram chakshuh sparshanam cha rasanam ghraanam eva cha
adhishthaaya manash chaayam vishayaan upasevate

Using the sense perceptions of the ears, eyes, skin, tongue, and nose, which are grouped around the mind, the embodied soul savors the objects of the senses.

Hence, sans v9, in continuity to v8, the narrative runs thus,

Ch15, V10

Know not fools in lifetime theirs
Nature of Spirit thus lies in them
But ever on move from frame to frame.

utkraamantam sthitam vaapi bhunjaanam vaa gunaanvitam
vimudhaanaanupashyanti pashyanti jnaana-chakshushah

Ch15, V11

This by striving wise realize
Fail though naive in spite of it.

yatanto yoginash chainam pashyanty aatmany avasthitam
yatanto py akritaatmaano nainam pashyanty achetasah

that is broken yet again by the digressions in V12 thru V15 thus:


yad aaditya-gatam tejo jagad bhaasayate khilam
yach chandramasi yach chaagnau tat tejo viddhi maamakam

Know that I am like the brilliance of the sun that illuminates the entire solar system. The radiance of the moon and the brightness of the fire also come from Me.


gaam aavishya cha bhutaani dhaarayaamy aham ojasaa
pushnaami chaushadhih sarvaah somo bhutvaa rasaatmakah

Permeating the earth, I nourish all living beings with My energy. Becoming the moon, I nourish all plants with the juice of life.


aham vaishvaanaro bhutvaa praaninaam deham aashritah
praanaapaana-samaayuktah pachaamy annam chatur-vidham

It is I who take the form of the fire of digestion in the stomachs of all living beings, and combine with the incoming and outgoing breaths, to digest and assimilate the four kinds of foods.


sarvasya chaaham hridi sannivishto
mattah smritir jnaanam apohanam cha
vedaish cha sarvair aham eva vedyo
vedaanta-krid veda-vid eva chaaham

I am seated in the hearts of all living beings, and from Me come memory, knowledge, as well as forgetfulness. I alone am to be known by all the Vedas, am the author of the Vedaant, and the knower of the meaning of the Vedas.

As can be seen, after the above digressive spell, v16 ‘n v17 put the discourse back on its logical course thus:

Ch15, V16

Perish all beings though in time
Perishes not the Spirit in them

dvaav imau purushau loke ksharash chaakshara eva cha
ksharah sarvaani bhutaani kuta-stho kshara uchyate

Ch15, V17

Self Mine Highest that sustains
Is but different from that One

uttamah purushas tv anyah paramaatmety udaahritah
yo loka-trayam aavishya bibharty avyaya ishvarah

Hence, the marked (*) verses are but interpolations

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