Achara Rasayanas

In this modern era of changed lifestyle, people are more prone to various physical and mental Diseases. The busy work schedules, polluted environment, improper food habits, etc.,are all hampering the health status of an individual, which is often ignored. Health is something which cannot be taken for granted as isthe ultimate thing to attain all the Purusharthas,i.e., Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. Hence it is high time to take care of self, inorder to have a sound mind and a sound body. This will help attain longevity. Acharya Charaka says, ‘Ayu’is the conglomeration of Shareera, Indriya, Satwaand Atma. So,when we aim at longevity, well being of all these four entities matters a lot. Achara Rasayanais one such unique concept of Ayurveda which concentrates on all these four entities, hence helping in healthy living. The word ‘Achara’ means ‘Shastra Shikshaakrita vyavahara’, i.e.,the good conducts developed or acquired by understanding the Shastras. Rasayanais something which helps in attaining longevity. These good conducts have positive effects on our health like the Rasayana, hence called as AcharaRasayana. Understanding this and following the same is the need of the hour as our health is being ruinedday by day due to various such factors which are often neglected. Achara Rasayanas are adravyabhoot (non materialistic) but if any one follow these things can get benifits like dravyabhoot Rashyana.

Achara Rasayanas are as follows:

  1. According to Acharya Charaka, a person who always speaks truth (Sathyavadina),
  2. who does not lose his temper (Akrodham),
  3. who is devoid of alcohol intake and sexual indulgence (Nivrutta Madhya Maithuna),
  4. who is non-violent (Ahimsaka),
  5. who is not too much exhausted (Anaayaasa),
  6. who has pleasant speech(Priyavadina),
  7. who practices chanting, meditation, etc (Japa, Tapa),
  8. who maintains cleanliness (Shaucha),
  9. who is stable (Dheera),
  10. who regularly offers prayers to Gods, cows,
  11. Brahmanas, teachers,
  12. preceptors and old people, who are free from barbarous acts (Aanrushamsya param),
  13. who is always compassionate (Nitya Karunavedina),
  14. whose sleep–wake cycle is appropriate (Sama Jagarana Swapna),
  15. who takes milk and ghee on daily basis (Nitya Ksheera Ghritashina),
  16. who is knowledgeable about one’s ownhabitat and time,(DeshaKala Pramanajnam),
  17. one who uses his intellect to decide what is good and what is bad (Yukijna),
  18. who is free from ego (Anahamkrita),
  19. whoseconduct is good,who is interested in spirituality (Adhyatma),
  20. who have excellent sense organs (Pravanendriya), who respects elders (UpasitaraVruddhanam),
  21. who believes in the existence of God (Asthikas),
  22. who has self control (Jitatma),
  23. who indulges in learning the scriptures regularly (Dharma Shastraparam) gets all the good effects of Rasayana.


More by :  Dr. Shiv Dwivedi

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