The Consequences of Committing Crimes

Certain people underestimate the police. They believe that they can get away with committing crimes. But prisons are filled with people who thought they could get away with crimes. They were mistaken and if you think you can get away with a crime, you most likely are too.

Yes, sometimes crimes go unsolved but for the most part, they don't. Let me give you an example. This is a true story. After 27 years of marriage, a woman and her husband were getting a divorce. She earned $100,000 per year. Her attorney told her that because she earned more than her husband, she would have to give him half of her salary each year. She didn't want to earn just $50,000. She wanted the entire $100,000. She killed her husband so that she wouldn't have to pay alimony. This woman is rotting in prison because she underestimated the police.

Please don't commit a crime. There are better ways to solve problems. Here is an example. If you and your family are so poor that you can't afford food, don't steal groceries. Get the food stamps instead. There is no shame in getting help from the government. But there will be shame if you steal.

If you're thinking about committing murder, you'd better think twice. Murder is the worst crime of all. A friend who I went to school with killed some people and he'll be in prison until the day he dies. He received a double life sentence. He probably thought he could get away with committing those murders, but he didn't. If you commit murder, you'll go to prison or you might die in a gas chamber.

Never commit a crime. It's not worth the risk. It will be better if you are a member of society instead of being locked in a cell. Even if you have no moral scruples, please don't commit any crimes. You might possibly get away with committing a crime but chances are, you will not.


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