Strict Compliance

We had just purchased a new carpet for our living room. On a cold winter evening the door bell rang. My 4-year old son hurried to open the door for the visitor. Later when I entered the room, I found the visitor awkwardly sitting on the sofa, with his shows off, and the toes peeoing out of the holes in his socks.

I asked him,"Why have you removed your shoes? It is rather cold".

He replied."Your son did not allow me to sit with my shoes on".

I apologised.In fact I had instructed my son not to tread on the carpet with his dirty shoes on. (My son was just complying with my orders).

Diogenes (4+2c-323 BC)

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher.He believed in freedom and self-sufficiency for the individual who would then lead a simple life. He is said to have wandered the streets of Athens with a lantern searching for an honest man.

Once Diogenes was standing on a street corner laughing like a mad man. 

Somebody asked him, "Why are you laughing?" 

He replied, "Do you see that stone in the middle of the street.More than ten persons have stumbled on it, have looked at the stone, and cursed it, but nobody has removed it to prevent someone else stumbling."


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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