A Father and Son

A father and son went fishing one day. While they were in the boat, the boy suddenly became curious and started asking all sorts of questions.

He asked the Dad,"Why does the boat float?.

The father replied, "Don't know son".

A little later, the boy again asked, "How do fish breathe under water?"

Again the father shook his head, as the father had no idea.

A little later the boy asked, "Why is the sky blue?"

The father replied," I don't exactly know".

Finally the boy asked, "Do you mind my asking you questions?"

The father replied, "Of course not, if you don't ask questions, you never learn a thing".

Ref: Drawn from "With the Times". Times of India 22.10.2013.

Lecture on Wisdom

A lecturer was speaking on wisdom in the "PROVERBS" book of the Holy Bible. A supercilious student spoke up  "I don't think there is anything very remarkable in the Proverbs. They are rather commonplace remarks made by common people".

"Very well", said the lecturer,"Make one".

Imagine what followed.


A personnel manager was

interviewing an applicant for a job.

He asked,"For how long did you serve in your previous job?".

The applicant replied:"Fifty- five years".

How could you have a job for fifty-five years, and be only 47 years old?




More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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