A simple farmer was so happy with his first crop of mangoes that he thought well to bring a basket of mangoes to the Rajah.

When he arrived at the palace gate he asked the servant to tell him how he could meet the Rajah and present the juicy mangoes.

Well I will take you to him, said one of the servants, but only if you give one half of whatever the Rajah gives you to me.

The farmer promised and the servant took him to the Rajah.

The Rajah gratefully accepted the mangoes, and asked the farmer what he could give him as a reward.

The farmer replied, Please give me 100 strokes of the lash, and that is the only reward. This is because your servant and I have agreed to divide the reward equally, and 50 are for him.

The Rajah laughed at the ingenuity of the farmer, and gave him a thousand Rupees, and dismissed the servant.

Reference: From Better Yourself Books, 1987, Bombay


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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