Situation Between Two Families in Bangladesh

1. The housemaid who works at home has a monthly income of about  BDT 13,000 Taka, including two meals a day. Her husband earns about 18,000-20,000 Taka per month by driving a rickshaw. One of their 12-year-old son gets BDT 6,000 as a helper in Tempo.  The monthly income of the family is 39,000 Taka. Mother, son 2 meals free in Hole Month.

The rent of the house where they live is Tk 6,000. After paying all the expenses, he deposited BDT 6,000 in the association every month.

2. Rafiqul Islam, who got his master's degree from university a decade ago, is married and has an 8-year-old son. I used to work in a buying house. Corona lost her job, lobbied for a long time and got a job in another company. The total salary is 26,500 taka, if it is 3 days late then 1 day salary is deducted. Lives in Dhaka with 2 room house, house rent including all bills 14,000 taka. With the remaining 14,500 taka, food, travel, clothes, medical, children's education are all. The money ran out in 20 days. Then you have to continue borrowing. It is a far cry to save or accumulate wealth!

** TCB card is being supplied to 1 crore poor families in the Bangladesh to buy products at low prices.

Who is eligible to get this card - work maiden  or Rafiqul Islam?

This effort of the government is definitely an expression of greatness. But the time has come to ensure that the basic necessities of life are provided to the middle BO families providing assistance by Bangladesh government.


More by :  Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury

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