A Good Indian Family Man

If a male child is born in an Indian family, the following are the expectations to fulfil the qualification of becoming a ‘A Good Indian Family Man.’

  • As a child he must be cute
  • As a boy he must be smart
  • As a teenager he must be intelligent to get a seat in Engineering or Medicine or MBA in recent years CA
  • As a student he must be a topper in the class
  • He should never smoke or drink alcohol and roam around with friends at odd hours
  • He must never get into love affairs
  • As a graduate he must get the most coveted job in Government, or Private firm for a five-digit salary
  • Or he should go abroad for studies (meaning USA) and come out with flying colors and get a job there
  • With all the above he should also demonstrate implicit obedience to the parents
  • He should see the girl suggested by the parents and marry
  • He can be modern in dressing but ‘traditional’ within the family
  • He must get the child within one (maximum 2years) year of marriage
  • Preferably the child should be a boy, he can also have a girl kid after a couple of years
  • He must please his siblings with gifts, financial support and keep them all in good humor always
  • He should know how to balance between wife and his family
  • He should never take any suggestions or advice from his wife
  • He should follow the tradition of his family as suggested by the parents
  • He should buy gifts (preferably in gold) for mom, dad, sister and ok, wife also but almost of equal value
  • He should consult the parents before deciding on any act with respect to his life and family
  • He should buy at least two flats or houses in India or abroad
  • He should always respect and obey his parents without questioning even if they are wrong and also his wife and her parents
  • If he fulfills all the above qualities and activities, he will be considered as ‘A Good Indian Family Man.’


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