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“The Cuckoo Sings Again”: I recalled first ‘Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya ...’ of Maa Lata ji , on seeing the title! Then, the booklet per se.

The twin hood stretched further between the author Ms Hema Ravi and the foreword writer, Ms Meera Rao. How? Both are reps. of ‘Indian woman’ caught up in domestic chores and forgetting their innate talents’.

My memory when down to my boy-scouts’ days when the master taught us the n' rhyme:

“Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be!”

From those days, my thinking was the life of the cuckoo is laugh and gay.

However, it is a matter of The Train Journey. Wherein, men come in to cause anxiety for moments and leave with a trace of pleasure! (This description of in and out kicked my days of travel between Delhi to Madras in the original GT days and later in Janata Express.)

The story of orator is not a myth, but a song told in reality, though the scenes may differ! Well done, Nupur! The oration, in English and in Hindi) was the best in my heydays but not writing. It was Sardar Kushwant Singh ji, The Illustrated Weekly famous, whom I met in an air travel said: ‘Do not worry too much about grammar, express yourself as best you could’, made me write too!! Ha! Ha! -- Laugh Kookaburra laugh!

The ‘lone crow flying hurriedly towards a tall tree in the distance’ is a marker tale of many tales seen now. The words …’but not before the biological need made her a mother’ is indeed remarkable not only for her but for many others though the need may not bear the desired fruit.

‘Inadvertently, she began to sing along…’ show cased the ubiquitous radio, Vividh Bharati (and the special programme for Jawans, I forget the name, was that Jai mala?) and its influence on all who dared to open their mouth and sing along, not only in the bathroom, also in the open! (I too but into my ears!)

Saudamini’s life is lightening / Vidhyut! ‘Beneath the rough exterior, there was humanness” in her father, as she read, gave me a clue as the life is going to be for her! Six reduced to five (father’s exit), five reduced to four (Kanika to land of opportunities- to escape?), to three (Meenakshi’s slip to eternity), to two (Akka’s marriage) lasted for a while till her mother, who believed ‘what is due to us will come in time,’ did not live to see the bright spot of her flash-like daughter becoming a celebrity of a kind in the culinary world! Indeed, a story to tell/ read and to be retold/ reread for ages!

‘Survival against Odds’ tells me of Samuel Coleridge: A sight to dream of, not to tell! What a huge poured down off the heart of Seema to live calmly the rest of her life! Yes, to share is a good way of living at ease Seema, at her seema of the life did it!

“Enough is enough and it’s time for change” says Athithi Devo Bhava! From being the beneficiary to benefactor unearthed! Great!

The joy of listening to ” Nambi kettavar yevar aiyyaa-unnai...” in tune with her mother’s soulful singing puts in a small capsule , the unbound joy to Laya’s mother! The traditions to glory!

The ever green banana – unparalleled joy, when spread on the floor and hot food served. It just absorbs the rich flavor adding to the served dish. A line there on the booklet on the good medical properties is worthy of the space the leaf occupies! Oh! The author is a teacher!

The Out of the Box by children is a joy forever, as a thing of beauty is!

The American Academy of Pediatrics has not seen the glee and brightened eyes of the child on sighting our red colored ‘janavasam’ car with its entire make up as a boat/ annapakshi is that what I feel on reading the story! It is there on in some form even now! Get the Uncle Sam here!

Cards, I have no experience. Sorry! However, 'do not cheat' stands!

Like Naren, many young and go living their moments for others to recall and to adopt to live wisely for others. Valid for young and all others! A sad story but carries an immortal value!

Midas, the wealth for all , of course in good health!

The coins are more precious than before, not available just like that anymore. Nor travel by bus without any money is a problem for ladies now! So, keeping buying sarees as the purse or the card(s) would allow! Good, nostalgia recording!

A nail baiting finish with MKG quote! Yes as Sri Ramakrishna said: an extendable piece as an advice to a saanp/ snake!

Enjoyed the booklet in toto and was happy to know that the well published booklet is from Vanathi Pathipakam, the “Kalkandu”of my younger days!


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Comment Extremely grateful, dear Sir, for your reading, and taking time to review this slim volume of short stories.

hema ravi
18-May-2022 13:08 PM

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