Who is the Best?

Once upon a time, a cheetah and a turtle lived in a jungle. They were best friends, but one day, they fell into an argument on the issue – ‘who is the best’. Then a wise old fox came there and asked, ‘excuse me, what is going on here?

Then they told everything to the old fox. The fox wondered, “Hmmm… ok, ok. I understood the problem and I have a solution.” Then the old fox said, ‘We will have a race. Whoever is  the winner, he will be declared the best. But I will design the race.” They agreed.

Next morning, both the participants were ready for the race. The first round was on the land . Both were over confident. ‘The race starts’, you already assume who will be the winner. Yes obviously, ‘Cheetah will be the winner’. The cheetah shouted, ‘yeah’ I am the winner’ ‘hurray’. But on the other side the turtle contemplated in disgust, ‘uf, oh’, ‘I lost, but I should not give up’. Then the second round started, this time there was a water race. The turtle knew how to swim, but the cheetah didn’t know. So you know who is the winner? Obviously, the turtle won the race. But in the process, the cheetah got drowned in the river and the turtle helped him to come out but then also the turtle won. The turtle smiled as the winner but the cheetah also was exhilarated as well for winning the previous race. Both were full of joy while they waited for the result.

There was the big question--who is the final winner? The fox said, no one of you is the winner. They both asked ‘WHY’? the answer was very simple, you both won one time each, so you both are the winners and losers. They both could not understand that what was the meaning of fox’s words. Then the fox said, you both are the best in your respective fields, for example turtle can swim but cheetah can’t and the cheetah can run fast but the turtle can’t. Now both of them were satisfied and they stopped being competitive and they hugged each other. The competition was over.

They understood – friendship wins, hatred loses.

Moral: Everyone is best in its own field.

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More by :  Abhyudaya Shrivastava

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Comment Yes u are right everyone is best at there field like wise ,you too good work bother keep it up

08-May-2022 14:37 PM

Comment Very good. Keep it up. You have tried well. Proud of you.

alok shrivastava
08-May-2022 11:41 AM

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