The Population Surge

Indians are threatened by political views, social discrepencies, the ever-increasing price rise, lack of public health care and the admission into certain education systems.

But, they are hardly threatened by the ever increasing population. The elites and educated lot even consider it as a great democrafic dividend India shares with the world.

I can very confidently say after my brief trip to Bangalore, by flight, that I will not be surprised that in a few more years, all our airports will compete with railway stations in congestion and an unmanageable crowd of travelers. The expansion activities are in full swing with the creation of more terminals for departures and arrivals. But, ours is a country where population increase is something like our price hike.

When our public and politicians and the downtrodden scream hoarse about petrol price hike, diesel price hike, bus fare hike, they hardly open their mouth about the escalation in population. The crowd and the fully packed flights are examples of my statement.

With the increasing number of travelers to different destinations one can find every departure lounge which now has increased to make one walk at least half to one kilometer to reach your boarding gate. Indians hardly care about senior citizens except writing soul stirring stories of deserted oldies who never talk about the affluent and enthusiastic parents travelling abroad and within the country. The terminals are well distanced; vestibules are long winding with slow moving queues of passengers.

Bangalore Kempegowda International Terminals brims with it crowds and activities. The prices of the eateries and drinks are exorbitant; the public who screams and shouts for one-rupee rise and 3-rupee increase never talk even one word about the coffee priced Rs. 200 (200ml) or two idlis or a sandwich cost Rs. 400. Well, after all the buyers are aristocrats and rich people.

I think ours is a unique nation in the whole world. They want all technologies to become rich but their preferences only differ. A home lover will think and bargain for Rs. 2.00 with a green seller but never bargains when she goes and buys a sari paying Rs. 20 - 25K for marriage, or serves a host of eatables beyond the capacity of one’s consumption. Such is our social conscience and holy views.

Long live India and her unique social, political, philosophical and real-life culture and principles!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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