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Let them disturb whoever be he or they, however be the revelation about, someone passing by with the hanging locks and the long hair with a great force never to be kept in hold or get in touch with, so jerky, so frightening, so awful and so mighty, whoever be it shouting in the dark or whispering to disturb it sadhna or getting it tested, the yogini, the spirit or the spectre in their ways, the mayavi force or the illusory face, the yogi has to rise on and on and this is but the process of ascension and if look you behind, you will fall and if to go you go and on thinking of the pathway and your destination, you will succeed, succeed indeed and the victory will be yours. Do not look behind the steep stairs, just go on climbing and climbing. Just keep on ascending and ascending, the ascension is yours, the victory of Everest is yours. The onward journey from the kundalini to the Mind, the Super Mind level, the Cosmic, the Super Cosmic level and this is yoga, where the Mind and the Super Mind turn into one, this is transcendental meditation, yogic reflection where the barriers get descended and metaphysics illumines it as a gem radiating, sparkling and its sparkles the things of your discussion. The climber reaches such a top where the feelings of life and death do not trouble him. Just the mountain peaks are the goals of his to reach and scale and nothing more and as such is the charm of ascension in silence, in meditation. From silence it begins it all and thereafter the stages take to their recourse. The poet hoaxes and coaxes Immortal Spirit to arise and awake into the Silence, away from the turning Wheel, breaking the magical Circle.

Ascent and Descent
by Sri Aurobindo

The Silence
Into the Silence, into the Silence,
Arise, O Spirit immortal,
Away from the turning Wheel, breaking the magical Circle.
Ascend, single and deathless:
Care no more for the whispers and the shoutings in the darkness,
Pass from the sphere of the grey and the little,
Leaving the cry and the struggle,
Into the Silence for ever.
Vast and immobile, formless and marvellous,
Higher than Heaven, wider than the universe,
In a pure glory of being,
In a bright stillness of self-seeing,
Communing with a boundlessness voiceless and intimate,
Make thy knowledge too high for thought, thy joy too deep for emotion;
At rest in the unchanging Light, mute with the wordless self-vision,
Spirit, pass out of thyself; Soul, escape from the clutch of Nature.
All thou hast seen cast from thee, O Witness.
Turn to the Alone and the Absolute, turn to the Eternal:
Be only eternity, peace and silence,
world-transcending nameless Oneness,
Spirit immortal.

Here the pledge is different, full of undertakings and promises to be fulfilled. The poet as a yogi tries to infuse verve and strength into the soul ascending, climbing the height.

But in Beyond the Silence, away from the clutch of Time enjoying Timelessness, feeling it blissful which is a state of feeling and there you can awake in the living Eternal, taking to the bosom of the love of the Ineffable. When you reach such a state, there is nothing to care for. The State of Happiness he talks about is but Divine Ecstasy pervading it all. One feels it reaching the top, climbing the desired peak, such a thing the sadhakas have, climbers and mountaineers have, the yogis have. What to say about Yoga-sadhna? The Himalayan sadhus who have not spoken about themselves the mute spokesmen of the ages and ages have gone by, but we do not know about them. For them, what is in a name? Ghudha rahshyas, occult mysteries and vidyas, knowledge spheres are important.

Out from the Silence, with the Ineffable Substance, he will be awakened into a world different from the worldly existence. Into the clasp of Timeless, one needs to sail through. All our activities are within the purview and dimension of time, but there comes a stage when mechanical time turns into cosmic time and cosmic reading of it. Holding the breath for a while, dwelling far into the realms unknown, freeing the mind and closing the eyes, such a spirit can be gained, such a state of bliss and endowment can be felt. The mechanical ticking and the cosmic ticking are quite different from. The things are different when in the clutch of time and when in a timeless zone.

Beyond the Silence
by Sri Aurobindo 

Out from the Silence, out from the Silence,
Carrying with thee the ineffable Substance,
Carrying with thee the splendour and wideness,
Ascend, O Spirit immortal.
Assigning to Time its endless meaning,
Blissful enter into the clasp of the Timeless.
Awake in the living Eternal, taken to the bosom of love of the Infinite,
Live self-found in his endless completeness,
Thy heart close to the heart of the Godhead for ever.
Vast, God-possessing, embraced by the Wonderful,
Lifted by the All-Beautiful into his infinite beauty,
Love shall envelop thee endless and fathomless,
Joy unimaginable, Ecstasy illimitable,
Knowledge omnipotent, Might omniscient,
Light without darkness, Truth that is dateless.
One with the Transcendent, calm, universal,
Single and free, yet innumerably living,
All in thyself and thyself in all dwelling,
Act in the world with thy being beyond it.
Soul, exceed life’s boundaries; Spirit, surpass the universe.
Outclimbing the summits of Nature,
Transcending and uplifting the soul of the finite,
Rise with the world in thy bosom,
O Word gathered into the heart of the Ineffable.
One with the Eternal, live in his infinity,
Drowned in the Absolute, found in the Godhead,
Swan of the supreme and spaceless ether wandering winged through the universe,
Spirit immortal.

Transcending the soul of the finite, reach you the borders and boundaries of the Infinite and from there where to go? Where to be transported into? What can be more blessing than to be with the Eternal, living in his infinity? Whenever you close the eyes and concentrate upon and free then mind loosening to dwell it far, things come to naught and you get liberated from bodily, your realization is complete with metamorphosis.

But how to descend? How to break the dhyana? How to break silence and to speak? How to break the lull of speechlessness with the break of sound and syllable? The raptures are almost like those of the sea so full of basking in light and of thrills. But it is now the return time, the journey to be back home, to end the presumed silence. Descent too carries out the music of deathlessness. It creates and re-creates from ascent, the ascension of barriers and boundaries, the hindrances that come in between in coming to grapple with.

Descent is not about the descending from ascension but is to feel it the impact of the convulsion, what it convulsed and coalesced, how had it been the upheavals and repercussions and the things getting transformed, metamorphosed on the midway. The descending row too is a study in metaphysical delight, yogic blessedness in which he basks. Even if we talk about descent, the impact of ascension remains visible all through.

The body is the centre of all undergoing the changes and the weight of that can be felt upon as descent will proceed in the same manner one has ascended. After having climbed, one needs to descend similarly. Descent is also about the Godhead possessing the body. Here the poet seems to be hinting towards the Divine Touch, how the things get transformed into. A cosmic wideness pervades the spirit and the spectrum gets enlarged, the purview and range of viewing. Wording changes it and so do knowledge and thought.

by Sri Aurobindo

All my cells thrill swept by a surge of splendour,
Soul and body stir a mighty rapture,
Light and still more light like an ocean billows
Over me, round me.
Rigid, stone-like, fixed like a hill or statue,
Vast my body feels and upbears the world’s weight;
Dire the large descent of the Godhead enters
Limbs that are mortal.
Voiceless, thronged, Infinity crowds upon me;
Presses down a glory of power eternal;
Mind and heart grow one with the cosmic wideness;
Stilled are earth’s murmurs.
Swiftly, swiftly crossing the golden spaces
Knowledge leaps, a torrent of rapid lightnings;
Thoughts that left the Ineffable’s flaming mansions,
Blaze in my spirit.
Slow the heart-beats’ rhythm like a giant’s hammer;
Missioned voices drive to me from God’s doorway
Words that live not save upon Nature’s summits,
Ecstasy’s chariots.
All the world is changed to a single oneness;
Souls undying, infinite forces, meeting,
Join in God-dance weaving a seamless Nature,
Rhythm of the Deathless.
Mind and heart and body, one harp of being,
Cry that anthem, finding the notes eternal, –
Light and might and bliss and immortal wisdom
Clasping for ever.

The paradigms of shift take place one by one, and the absorbing yogi and his mind start descending from the height of pinnacle ever envisaged, ever eternal, the vistas of which felt, encompassing of all, nothing hidden from and a sublimity upholding it all, so crystal and illuminating beyond human aspirations, illusions and hallucinations, Nirakar Brahma. After the descent, the whole gamut changes into a harp of the Divine. Everything seems to be resonant with the same. Immortal wisdom opens the door of the mind. We are still in the dark if the doors and windows of the closed mind are no opened. Only knowledge and wisdom can transform our mind and heart. For it, some sort of silence is needed to reflect upon. Some sort of meditation is needed. At last, try to think about you. Think about the world you dwell in, the body and the soul you have got, and the mere act of thinking will lead you to opening the locks. Try to unlock you with the mystery key the door of the miracle.


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